Andy Rahman

Andy Rahman

Vice President
Tampa Practice Lead

Work Experience

Andy is responsible for the operations and consulting practices in Tampa and vicinity. He is a seasoned management and IT consultant with more than 20 years of experience.

Andy’s professional experience includes complete end-to-end responsibility for implementation of large, custom-developed applications and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package implementations. He also develops IT strategic plans, manages business process improvement initiatives and application support teams, including outsourced IT functions.

Andy excels in mitigating project risks, particularly on large, complex initiatives, by forging a “true” partnership between IT, business and third-party vendor organizations. He is fluent in both Waterfall and Agile System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies.

Personal Statement

Andy has extensive experience in the electric and gas industry, both as an industry executive and as a management consultant. Perspectives gained while in industry dealing with external consulting organizations influence his approach and decision making today as a partner, shaping the policies, operating practices and culture of a thriving consulting firm.

Andy is also passionate about making a difference by bringing together community, business, nonprofit and local government leaders to explore the formation of innovative new social business models in an attempt to significantly reduce poverty in inner cities.


MBA, University of Dayton