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We help you improve business processes to increase operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Build a foundation for growth and profit.

Processes are the key mechanism by which your business drives quality and delivers value. That means proactive process improvement is not only crucial to your business’s operational efficiency and effectiveness, but also its growth and profit.

Efficiency and effectiveness aren’t your only challenges though. You’re also trying to keep pace with market fluctuations, technological advances and consumer trends. Under the pressures of constant change, it’s easy to see why focus goes to fast fixes instead of systematic solutions.

We want to help you move from reactive to proactive process improvements with our proven Business Process Improvement (BPI) approach. Whether you need to improve a specific set of processes or you want to optimize operations across the enterprise, we can help your business simplify and speed up work using tools and techniques from Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM), Theory of Constraints (TOC), Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and more.

Our Operational Excellence experts will help you realize immediate improvements in the metrics that matter to you, like quality enhancements, service upgrades, cost reductions or productivity increases. Together, we can build a strong foundation for your business’s growth and profit through proactive process improvement.

Our Business Process Improvement Services

We help you record and manage process knowledge so you can more easily:

  • Train and cross-train in standard operating procedures
  • Retain job-specific know-how amidst turnover
  • Create functional “playbooks” to enable team collaboration
  • Improve consistency in employee expectations and customer experiences
  • Support legal, safety, regulatory or compliance requirements

Working together with our BPI experts not only documents your business’s processes, but also reveals opportunities for future operational improvements.

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Incremental Changes, Impactful Improvements

Change thrives on consistency and gradual accumulation, whether in personal habits or organizational processes. By recognizing that incremental changes build a foundation for impactful improvements, organizations can harness the atomic habit mindset to streamline operations, gain a competitive advantage and achieve lasting transformation.

Nishant Awasthi, Senior Manager, Centric Consulting

Centered On You

Our Business Consulting Services are structured to address your end-to-end business needs. We provide comprehensive support for your business across strategy, operations and culture.

Together with our Strategy Alignment and Architecture, Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management, People and Change, and Technology Services partners, our Operational Excellence team uses data to form insights that help you optimize business processes.

Your work with us will be tailored especially for your business. Whatever your business’s challenge, we will engage our collective expertise to guide you.

Connect with us to learn how we can help you focus on continuous improvement and drive competitive advantage.


Our Actual Client Results

Reduction in account opening time – banking client
Reduction in cost per transaction – insurance client
Operations savings in first year – oil and gas client
Average production increase per shift – manufacturing client

Our Business Transformation Services

In partnership with our Strategy Alignment and Architecture team, we offer Business Transformation services designed to help you pivot with agility. Together, we will infuse your business with agility to successfully transform for sustainability in today’s rapidly changing market.

With Centric, you can go digital, go hybrid, launch new products, enter new markets, implement new technology, reorganize your operations or reenvision your strategy.




Business Process Improvement Through the Lens of ‘Atomic Habits’

Atomic habits are small, incremental changes that build upon each other. When organizations adopt the atomic habit mindset and witness its cumulative impact, they set a powerful force in motion: the perpetual drive for improvement. Each change, no matter how small, keeps your organization on a trajectory of constant enhancement and a journey toward excellence.


The Power of Process Excellence: A Guide to Effective Business Performance Metrics

Many businesses measure success by results: assets gained, revenue earned, customers satisfied. But are these metrics telling the whole story of your organization? With more comprehensive performance metrics for people and processes, your business will be better equipped to pursue operational excellence and achieve its goals.


Process Improvement: 4 Challenges to Measuring Success and How to Fix Them

While BPI projects at some companies are delivering positive results, others struggle knowing where to begin their improvement efforts or moving past initial challenges. Whether you have a continuous improvement program in place or this is your first BPI effort, accurately measuring success will benefit your efforts on paper and in practice.


Bust the Myths Surrounding Process Excellence

Leading with process provides clarity when change creates uncertainty. Organizations that holistically reimagine business processes stay ahead of their competition and drive desired business outcomes. Our three-part webinar series debunks common myths and misconceptions that can hamper operational and process improvement efforts.


Build a strong foundation for your business’s growth and profit by taking your business processes improvement to the next level.

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