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For most companies, information technology strategy and execution are critical for enabling growth, enhancing profitability and reducing risk. Today, even organizations large enough to have their own chief information officers (CIOs) still need strategic guidance to keep their businesses aligned with their technology.

Our CIO Consulting Services team brings deep IT skills and experience to help with strategy and execution. Comprised of seasoned IT professionals, many of whom are former Centric Consulting clients, they use our remote-work technology to deliver services that will help you be ready for continuous renewal.

Our team is a working example of the “gig economy” that enables us to tailor our involvement specifically to meet each client’s strategic and tactical needs. We can either serve as a key member of your IT team or coach and support your internal CIO or IT team. Either way, our CIO Consulting Services team is committed to working with you to deliver better, together.


What are CIO Consulting Services?

  • IT Assessments conducted by CIO-level professionals
  • Part-time or full-time CIO-level talent and skills provided to clients on an interim or ongoing basis
  • Proven tools, template and approaches
  • Access to supporting skilled resources and analytical support

How Do You Know You Need CIO Consulting Services?



Perhaps some of these pain points sound familiar:

  • An overall assessment of IT is needed or desired
  • An urgent problem requires immediate leadership attention
  • Strong technology leadership is needed and full-time employee is not available or affordable
  • Management is unsure of the value versus investment in IT
  • The IT team can benefit from skilled coaching and development
  • A skilled sounding board is needed to help with strategy execution
  • An unexpected vacancy in IT leadership

Elements of Our Service

  • Strategy: Is your IT strategy aligned with your business strategy?
  • Organization/Staffing: Is your internal team positioned for success (including the proper level of IT outsourcing)?
  • Architecture/Infrastructure: Do you have a solid foundation?
  • IT Support Services/Processes: Do you have robust processes in place?
  • Risk Management: Can you ensure security of technology, business continuity and disaster recovery?
  • Governance: Do your IT and IT projects have appropriate support and buy in?
  • IT Supplier Management: Are your contracts and service levels appropriate?
  • Quick Hits: Do you have acute problems to solve?

We deliver our CIO Consulting Services in several ways:​

  • Individual Contributor: ​Skilled CIO on-site to provide the services​
  • Lead Contributor with Team Support: ​Skilled CIO on-site but calls on supporting ​resources as needed and agreed upon
  • Project-based Role: ​CIO is primarily involved in a specific key project​
  • Board Advisory Role: ​Experienced CIO provides insight to board​
  • Coaching for the internal team:​ CIO can support development of internal team

What is the Value of CIO Services?

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How Do Our CIO Consulting Services Drive Success?

CIO Services Web Partner


We leverage our relationship-building practices and program leadership capabilities, so we can meet your immediate and long-term goals, tailor our approach, and match your situation.

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We bring an executive level and genuine hands-on commitment to delivering tangible results in line with your investments. We align IT plans with your corporate strategic plans.

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We value our reputation for sound judgment, thoughtful approach, and ethical standing. We work with your internal IT team to ensure you are aware of every step we take.

Want to work together to bring more value to your IT team?