Microsoft Copilot: An Executive's Guide to Getting Ready

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Microsoft is the next big player in generative AI. With over 100,000 US businesses already using Microsoft 365, adopting the company’s newest native AI features is a natural fit.  

Copilot is a suite of artificial intelligence products that integrate with existing Microsoft technology, empowering users to draft presentations, write code, analyze data, organize information and take suggested actions faster than ever before. 

Executives want to understand Copilot and prepare their teams to optimize its power while keeping security top of mind. But with limited accessibility and a lot of disparate information published, knowing where and when to start is challenging. 

  • What Microsoft Copilot is and typical use cases for the six products.
  • How to get “Copilot ready” while securing and protecting company data.
  • Our understanding of release timelines.
  • Copilot licensing, technical requirements and costs.
  • The challenges associated with adoption and how to mitigate them. 

In this on-demand webinar, our Microsoft experts give advice on what executives need to know to implement, secure and adopt Copilot.   

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Michael McNett

Centric Consulting Alumni

Mike McNett is a proud member of Centric Consulting Alumni and Microsoft 365 expert. Mike has over 35 years of experience leading in various technology spaces. Mike works with clients to understand their needs and implement practical collaboration tools with a focus on governance and organizational change management. 

Karina Myers is Centric Consulting’s Modern Workplace Practice Co-Lead and expert in Microsoft 365 Governance, Security, Compliance, and Process Automation. In the past two decades, Karina has worked with organizations to develop and implement complex technology solutions to align with business strategies, promoting secure workflows and user adoption.  

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Karina Myers

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