We help insurers drive operational efficiency, improve customer service and increase profitability.

Practice Overview

Centric helps insurers optimize business processes and modernize their technology solution architectures. Our team is comprised of more than 150 seasoned business and technology consultants with deep experience in the Property and Casualty and Life Insurance industries.

We have offices that span the eastern U.S. When needed, we can also source staff from our onshore and offshore Solution Centers. We focus locally, hire the best experts and work individually with each client to offer support that best suits their unique needs, particularly within the specialized insurance industry.

Being a trusted advisor


Practice Capabilities

Centric Consulting’s Insurance Service provides comprehensive solutions to the greatest industry challenges, ensuring stability and success that lasts. Learn more about how each of our practice capabilities can help your company by exploring below. 

Business Intelligence

Insurance is an information-intensive industry. Most carriers have a great opportunity to mine data internally and externally to create competitive advantages in nearly every aspect of business. We help insurers leverage this opportunity with proven BI accelerators that cater specifically to the insurance industry. These accelerators help align business capabilities with BI architecture direction to streamline and improve performance.

Business Process Improvement and Automation

Insurers are faced with an ever-aging workforce inundated with archaic operating practices that can lead to significant inefficiencies. Furthermore, carriers are continuously trying to reinvent their sales and servicing practices to keep the distinct groups in the value chain focused on the proper activities.

We help insurers improve their internal operating costs and processes by utilizing proven process diagnostic and improvement techniques (Lean Six Sigma). We have experience automating insurance operations through business process management technology, giving management real-time insight into their processes.

Core Systems Modernization

Recent studies show that 65 percent of insurers will be modernizing core legacy policies, claims and billing systems within the next five years. We help insurers rationalize and upgrade core internal systems by leveraging proven application architecture assessment practices and functional knowledge of core insurance processes. All of our offerings, including architecture development and modernization support, focus on efficiency and effectiveness. We typically use our Centric Enterprise Architecture Framework (CEAF) to accelerate time to value on these initiatives.

Agent / Insured Self-Service Portals

More than 70 percent of insurance prospecting happens over the Internet on Personal Lines. In addition, the number of web-based transactions in Commercial Lines is increasing.

We understand the commoditization that has occurred in Personal Lines and the level of customization required for Commercial Lines. We utilize this understanding to make insurers more customer friendly by enhancing agent and consumer self-service portals and integrating with real-time comparative raters and agency management systems.


Insurers are leveraging digital technologies as a way to create consumer loyalty, improve customer service, and develop a reputation as an innovator in the marketplace. A robust digital strategy is essential to maintaining strength in a rapidly evolving industry.

Our marketing operations, data analytics, and interactive digital technology services can help you develop a digital strategy that will extend your company’s reach in all areas. Our digital playbook is comprehensive, cost-effective, and focused on improving service to the insured.

Insurance Marketing Operations

In an industry rapidly evolving, insurance carriers are looking to craft a better customer experience, improve profitability, and update an antiquated sales model, all at the same time. Partner with Centric and your company can breathe new life into outdated marketing strategies that lead to poor customer engagement and ROI. We will help you design and execute campaigns, integrate and optimize a marketing automation platform, and fully enable your agents to deliver timely messages to the right customers at the right time. With our marketing operations expertise, your agents can capture new and existing audiences at a lower cost, generate more business, and achieve optimal retention and profitability.

Enterprise Architecture

Hard markets. Soft markets. Complex distribution channels. Complex product configurations and regulatory requirements. Insurers need the ability to adapt quickly and respond to change. IT organizations need to have an underlying capability to respond to the demands of the business.

We help insurers deliver on needed business capabilities with a portfolio of initiatives that incrementally advance the efficiency and effectiveness of IT. Centric developed the Centric Enterprise Architecture Framework (CEAF) to enable the delivery of business strategy through a practical and repeatable process that ensures alignment of business priorities with IT architecture goals.

Maintenance and Support

Whether you have just completed a modernization or are already in a continuous improvement mode, Centric provides a wide variety of flexible support options for you. Centric boasts the infrastructure and processes needed for greenfield support and maintenance that will continually keep your systems up to date. Utilizing our local consulting model and application outsourcing capabilities, we can provide both system innovation and longevity. Centric also offers point expertise on the client site as needed.

Mobile App Development

Insurers are leveraging mobile applications as a way to create consumer loyalty, improve customer service and develop a reputation as an innovator in the marketplace. Several national insurers have released mobile applications or application suites. Regional insurers and those with independent agent channels are also formulating strategies around mobile.

Centric can define or enhance these mobile initiatives. We can help insurers accelerate mobile development plans through both Android and iOS frameworks that cater specially to the insurance industry.

Video Case Study: Big Data Solution

Our St. Louis and Insurance teams recently applied their industry and technical expertise to help define an analytics roadmap and create a big data solution that provided key business insights for Say Insurance.

Learn more by watching the video or reading the case study.