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Salesforce Assessments

Increase the value of your Salesforce implementation with a Centric Consulting Salesforce Assessment.


Maximize the business value and enhance customer experiences possible with your Salesforce investment.

Here are some questions to ask to determine the need for a Salesforce assessment:

  • When was the last time you assessed your Salesforce implementation?
  • Does Salesforce align and support your current business processes?
  • Are your Salesforce users having the best experience? Using it most efficiently and effectively?
  • Are you using Salesforce Einstein and the other available AI capabilities?
  • Are your Salesforce licenses being used to their greatest benefit?

Conducting a Salesforce assessment will answer the above questions, along with many others, but more importantly, it will provide you with a roadmap for your Salesforce org that is tailored to your business goals, technology stack, priorities, and capabilities.

Our Salesforce Assessments are available for the following Salesforce Clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Nonprofit Cloud.

Realize the value of your Salesforce implementation with our Salesforce Assessment.

Our Salesforce Assessment Approach

Our approach results in a business-aligned and execution-oriented roadmap across people, processes, information, structure, metrics, and technology to achieve your strategic goals.

Centric Consulting Salesforce Assessment Approach

Our Sales Cloud Services

Today’s organizations often utilize a complex system of platforms, tools, and data sources, which, if integrated with Salesforce would provide additional benefits to your company.

Salesforce provides and supports various options for integrating with other systems as well as 3rd party tools that further increase capabilities.

In architecting a Salesforce integration solution, it’s important to understand the key differences and constraints in the options available and align them to what best supports your business needs.

Chatbot Functionality Allows Team To Have Flexibility

Centric Consulting recommended and created complex chat and chatbot functionality to help offset many of the support requests that only needed simple responses and details. We expect to see many issues being resolved without the need of our teams, allowing for more flexibility in planning and innovation for our future.

Daniel Ramati, Product Team Owner, Southeast Toyota


Decoding Salesforce AI: An Executive’s Guide

Need help determining how to make Salesforce AI work for you business needs? We have your guide to understanding what Salesforce AI is, where it can be adopted, and how to use it successfully.

In our on-demand webinar, our Salesforce experts explain how to make sense of Salesforce AI and where to start in your implementation and beyond.


Salesforce Multi-Cloud Implementations

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, our expertise spans the Salesforce product suite, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Experience Cloud, as well as others. We have a proven record of successful multi-cloud implementations, integrations, and advancements.

We understand which features are available in each and what the best practices are related to implementing cross-cloud solutions to suit your specific needs. This includes understanding how they interoperate and the data model associated with each Salesforce product; which is important when determining the best system of record for each type of customer data and architecting the optimal integration solution.

What Our Salesforce Clients Are Saying About Us.

We’ve been a trusted Salesforce Cloud solution partner for 15+ years and are proud of the 5-star customer reviews we’ve received.


Our Salesforce Experience

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Learn More About How Salesforce Assessments Can Improve Your Business

Leveraging a Salesforce Assessment to Improve Your Business Processes

Learn how a Salesforce assessment can help improve the ROI of your Salesforce system. The benefits include identifying areas where you can improve processes, reduce risk, and improve customer experiences.


Take a Moment to Conduct an Assessment of your Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce is constantly innovating to meet its customers’ needs and your instance might need revising to better meet your business needs. Assessing your Salesforce instance health is critical in this situation.



Maximize your Salesforce investment and enhance customer experiences with our Salesforce Assessment.