Larry English


Work Experience

Larry worked 100 hours a week out of college for one of the international consulting companies. He subsequently had a mid-life crisis at 25 so he and his wife backpacked around the world. He returned with a beard, long hair and inpired to become an entrepreneur.

Personal Statement

Larry, together with the other founders of Centric, thought there was an opportunity for a unique approach to culture, delivery combined along with customer and employee experience in a consulting organization. He continues to find pride in ensuring Centric maintains a fun culture while providing unmatched delivery as Centric grows into an international company.

Larry serves on the boards of the Mount Carmel Hospital System, the Young President’s Organization, the Miami University School of Computer Science and ORIS Intel. He is an active angel investor in the tech space.

Larry is a father to 4 boys and husband to an adventurous wife. He and his wife are both passionate about improving educational opportunities for children in the US and around the world.


B.S. Systems Analysis, Miami University