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Healthcare Consulting Services

You’re in the business of advancing healthcare. We’re in the business of helping you get there.


With us as a consulting partner, you can:

  • Move to quality-based, outcome-based care 
  • Streamline processes and reduce costs 
  • Adapt to rapid market transformations 
  • Empower consumers  
  • Bridge the gap between legacy systems and new approaches 

The Healthcare Segments We Serve

Providers - Healthcare Consulting Services

We help support hospitals, long-term care facilities and medical research centers.

Payors - Healthcare Consulting Services

We work with commercial- and government-sponsored health plans.

Life Sciences - Healthcare Consulting Services
Life Sciences

We collaborate with biotechnology, pharmaceutical, research and technology-enabling organizations.

Healthcare By the Numbers

Healthcare Engagements Delivered
Healthcare and Life Sciences Resources
Global Sourcing Capability

We love our clients.

The Best Talent We Could Find

“We reached out for the best talent we could find, and we loved the team that Centric brought. They really meshed well with our team, and their technology expertise is unsurpassed.”

Patrick Hale, CIO EVP, VITAS

Services for your Healthcare Business

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Process Excellence and Change Management

We help your healthcare organization smoothly navigate significant transitions, including mergers and acquisitions, process and cultural changes, and technology integrations.

Sourcing and Procurement - Governance and Organization Icon
Workforce Management

We help you train, engage and incentivize your staff to better meet patient needs and improve outcomes.

Enterprise Collaboration
Enterprise Collaboration

We help your organization adopt enterprise portal and content management solutions to comply with industry regulations.

The key to any great partnership is collaboration. You bring your challenges, we bring consulting capabilities and healthcare expertise.

Together, we can help you make a difference in your patients’ lives.

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Services for Healthcare Technology

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Data & Analytics

We provide deep knowledge and access to healthcare data sets, analytic tools, metric standards and calculators to help you better engage patients, staff, and customers.

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Core Systems and EHR Modernization

We help you modernize and consolidate your legacy core systems, websites, and online tools, ensuring interoperability and common healthcare standards are met.

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Patient Engagement and Marketing Automation

We help you virtualize your healthcare systems, empower your customers, and increase business through patient engagement technology, journey mapping, and marketing automation.

Want to solve your clinical and process challenges? Let’s do it together. 

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