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We help empower healthier outcomes through expert guidance.


We are all patients and we have high expectations for our healthcare systems, clinical research and accelerated innovations in the life sciences.

Post-COVID, we know there is a growing tension for providers to deliver accessible and affordable healthcare while also maintaining high standards of care. Into this mix are the complex issues of an aging population and chronic diseases.

We recognize the pace of change in life sciences post-COVID and the challenge of advancing our understanding of gene and cell therapies.

There is a need to balance this pace against the real ethical and societal implications of new discoveries and technologies that support them as well as the reality of increasing regulatory and financial pressures driving investment and M&A.

We know what it takes to strike a balance. Our healthcare and life sciences team help clients develop creative business and technology solutions for their clinical, research and operational challenges.


Microsoft Partner of the Year Award

The Healthcare Segments We Serve

We support hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices and medical research centers.

We collaborate to help improve the patient and provider experience, drive efficiency through workforce management and tailor modern analytics for resources and personnel needed to deliver that care.

Healthcare By the Numbers

Gene and Cell Therapy Companies Supported
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Services for your Healthcare Business

Operational Excellence and Organizational Change Management

We help your healthcare organization smoothly navigate significant transitions, including mergers and acquisitions, process and cultural changes, and technology integrations.

Workforce Management

We help you train, engage and incentivize your staff to better meet patient needs and improve outcomes.

Modern Workplace

We help your organization adopt enterprise portal and content management solutions to comply with industry regulations.

You bring your challenges, we bring our consulting capabilities, collaboration and healthcare expertise.

Together, we can help you make a difference in your patients’ lives.



Services for Healthcare Technology

Data & Analytics

We provide deep knowledge and access to healthcare data sets, analytic tools, metric standards and calculators to help you better engage patients, staff, and customers.

Core Systems and EHR Modernization

We help you modernize and consolidate your legacy core systems, websites, and online tools, ensuring interoperability and common healthcare standards are met.

Patient Engagement and Marketing Automation

We help you virtualize your healthcare systems, empower your customers, and increase business through patient engagement technology, journey mapping, and marketing automation.


Improving Healthcare for the Homeless with Microsoft 365 and Teams

See how we helped Portland Street Medicine migrate its current platform, GSuite, to Microsoft 365 and to install and implement Teams throughout the organization.

Microsoft Experts Going Above and Beyond

The direct connection with Microsoft, the ongoing support, and the affirmation is innovative. We would not have gotten that from anyone else. Centric’s vision, combined with our vision, is the piece that’s unmatched.

Molly Pringle, Executive Director, Portland Street Medicine


Key Features of a Healthcare Analytics Platform

In our white paper, we walk through three crucial points to remember when considering a healthcare data analytics platform to enable data-driven decision-making in your organization:

  • Key focus areas for using data effectively
  • Becoming a data-driven organization
  • Driving changes and outcomes.


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