Data Strategy

Ask Better Questions. Get Better Answers.


Imagine having more accurate, more relevant, and more trustworthy answers.

Now imagine getting those answers when and where they’re needed, faster. Asking better questions about your people, products, customers, and other aspects of your business will allow you to make better decisions where they really matter.

Don’t let your next data strategy be shelfware. We will walk your organization through a structured data strategy engagement resulting in an actionable roadmap. You will know what to build, what to prioritize, and how to successfully execute a transition from your current state. 

Our data strategy solutions help clients answer the why so they can get to the what, when, and how.

Take a Broader View To Execute with Focus

A data process isn’t just about the data. It’s about empowering people and processes with insight to make better decisions. Data leaders are often tied to tactical initiatives. A strategic perspective focuses the organization where it will have the biggest impact.

Your strategy should have perspective on the whole business: business strategy, organizational teams and departments, technical architecture, governance and operational use.

Our tried-and-true approach to executing strategies and roadmaps helps translate visionary strategies into practical, pragmatic and actionable plans.

Do You Need a Data Strategy?

Data privacy is paramount. There has always been an ethical duty to protect your customers’ data. Now, these ethics are enforced through a cadre of regulations attached to penalties.

Some of the most common violations of data privacy occur through exposure of data within your organization. Mitigating this risk requires thoughtful design of your security through role-based access control (RBAC) and row-level security.​​

Your data strategy will recommend an approach to securing your data and controlling its distribution across the enterprise.

Data > Information > Insights > Action

Your data strategy will tell you how to take informed action to tackle your most vital business challenges. We’ll give you a custom roadmap so you can prioritize building the capabilities that get you real-world results.

Are Dashboards Really Helping?

Dashboards typically offer a retrospective on performance. Your organization is already aware of the major problems that occurred in the past.  Is it wise to invest only in dashboards when they cannot help you head off problems “at the pass”?

Focus your energy where it makes the biggest difference.

Return on your data investment will grow exponentially when you tie insights to business processes and outcomes. The more your analytics impact your people, the greater your return. 

We will help you find these opportunities in places you may not have looked:

  • Process Enrichment
  • Process Reengineering
  • Automation
  • Management Accountability

Information drives profit. We will help you make this a reality. ​

We love our clients.

Creating the Best Strategies for Modern Technology

Our client, a tax and audit professional services firm, was looking to bring structure to highly sensitive information and find a better way of processing the data without interrupting professionals’ workflow. 

Although the client did not have a practical roadmap to deliver from, our data strategy experts helped leverage existing tools and processes without compromising the security of their customers. We created new guiding principles to accelerate and align better decision-making within the company. Solutions were centered around Azure Cloud to allow for a wide variety of data flexibility. We implemented a data factory-like approach to help organize and secure information regardless of the data. 

Our client can now eliminate excessive manual efforts without breaking the trust of their clients, as well as focus on the business rather than technology to improve their results. The new strategy plan helped to break down siloes and bring together competing parts of the client’s business. 



Machine Learning Made Easy(ish)

Struggling to sell machine learning to your organization?

In this on-demand webinar, our data and analytics experts explain how to simplify your approach to machine learning so you can earn the buy-in and funding you need to create the advanced capabilities you desire.


Our Related Data Strategy Services

Data Strategy is about getting the people, process, and tools around data aligned and structured to help your organization meet its business goals.

This starts with understanding what you want to accomplish with your business. Then learning what you can currently do with your data and technology architecture to support those goals.

We work with you to identify needed skills and skill growth opportunities for your team and then align, prioritize, and plan recommended initiatives to achieve your goals.

Data initiatives are often complimented by elements of Modern Software Delivery, People and Change, and Business Process Improvement. 

Wrangle your data and use it as a springboard toward meaningful impact and innovation.