Process and Capability Assessment

We assess your process effectiveness and prioritize your processes to align with business strategy.


Identifying and prioritizing process improvement initiatives based on their value to your business and organizational readiness.

A company’s processes, organizational structure, personnel and technology solutions collectively define how work is accomplished and value is delivered. World-class organizations continually review effectiveness of core operational processes to identify issues and improve performance.

Process Assessment Service Overview

The foundation for our Process and Capability Assessment Service is a comprehensive methodology for assessing process effectiveness, prioritizing processes to align with business strategy, and evaluating an organization’s readiness for change.

We work with you to measure process performance and maturity levels of all operational areas. With performance baselining and benchmarking, process analysis, management interviews and working sessions, we will identify root-cause issues, key opportunities and recommendations for each operational area.

Process Assessment and Value Targeting provides the quickest path to adding business value by targeting the highest value added opportunities across high impact processes.


Process Assessment Capabilities

Our Process Assessment service capabilities are customized to your specific business situation to ensure that maximum value is delivered in the shortest amount of time.

  • Process Definition / Hierarchy
  • Process Documentation
  • Process Maturity / Opportunity Assessment
  • Capability and Readiness Assessment
  • Opportunity Prioritization
  • Roadmap and Business Case Development

Process Definition/ Hierarchy

We work with our clients to define core processes and identify the business process hierarchy. This visual process architecture is divided from high-level complex processes to low-level sub processes.

By defining business functions and processes in this hierarchical format, we can identify improvement opportunities and advance process maturity.

Process Documentation

Our documentation tools and techniques depict current state and future state processes while fostering a detailed understanding of end-to-end processes and inter-relationships.

Clear and accurate process documentation:

  1. provides the basis to manage and improve processes
  2. orients employees to core processes
  3. ensures a consistent view of operations
  4. fosters consistent and standardized procedures

Process Maturity / Opportunity Assessment

Process maturity is based on several key criteria that we use to determine maturity and identify key themes, issues and opportunities of processes. Criteria assessed include:

  • Process Awareness & Knowledge
  • Process Alignment & Ownership
  • Process Effectiveness
  • Performance Metric Alignment
  • Organization Enablement & Skills
  • Technology Enablement

Capability and Readiness Assessment

It is critical to understand your organization’s ability to not only enable and support but also sustain and build upon benefits delivered through a process excellence program. A readiness assessment is performed for each major division and department impacted by your process excellence program.

We’ll evaluate the areas that are critical to support process excellence, including:

  • Process Excellence Program Sponsorship
  • Governance / PMO / COE Structures
  • Process Excellence Methods, Tools & Analytics
  • Training Effectiveness
  • Organization Readiness for Change
  • Process Excellence Resources / Skills
  • Technology Platforms (e.g., BPM)

Opportunity Prioritization

Process improvement opportunities are prioritized based on value impact, level of risk and level of effort. Through this quantitative and qualitative analysis, you’ll be able to select the right opportunities at the right time, maximize ROI and effectively move toward your goals.


Roadmap and Business Case Development

Development of a strong business case is a critical element for implementing a successful process excellence program. Communicate the strategy and path to the desired state with a compelling business case. This will not only facilitate the conversations around funding but will also assist with the alignment of stakeholders.

We will help you with laying out the best path forward by identifying the necessary resources and realized benefits at each milestone.

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