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Software is only valuable when it’s in production. DevOps helps you get it deployed quicker, at lower risk.


Our DevOps practices can modernize, integrate, automate, or manage your pipeline.

Using our integrated Modern Software Delivery (MSD) approach, we empower you to deliver high-quality software rapidly, reliably and continuously through:

  • Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines that increase software delivery speed and quality.
  • Cloud-first strategies that enable teams to seamlessly support, scale and manage technology.
  • Modern architectural approaches, using concepts of modularity and containerization, that yield savings by allowing development to occur in smaller, isolated areas of functionality.

Our modern practice delivers powerful DevOps benefits. Our approach gives leaders the agility they need to scale or pivot their software quickly to meet constantly changing business demands, freeing your delivery pipeline of silos and out-of-date processes, archaic engineering practices, and inadequate tools.

We accomplish this through a focus on delivery flow via automation throughout the DevOps lifecycle. While Agile management processes can improve software development, traditional pipelines often depend on manual triggers to move developing code along.

In our DevOps model, we focus on making code changes smaller and less risky, so they can move smoothly on their own. This allows you to deliver higher-quality solutions to production more quickly.

The result: More reliable software, generated more quickly, that can respond better to rapidly changing business environments.


Our managed DevOps consulting services include AWS and Azure consulting, infrastructure automation, and continuous integration and delivery. With our integrated DevOps model, we enable your enterprises to build, deploy and manage software to achieve greater speed and agility.

Pipeline Modernization

Benefit from the right DevOps tools to automate your build, release, and deployment processes, while analyzing repetitive tasks, removing silos, shortening feedback loops, improving work transparency and eliminating pet tools and projects.

Pipeline Modernization Process

  • Assess and Plan
  • Select and Implement Tools
  • Orchestrate Pipeline
  • Templatize Pipelines
  • Operate Pipelines

DevOps Platform Implementation

Use our preconfigured, out-of-the-box, Continuous Delivery (CD) open source-based toolchain that enables projects to start rapidly using DevOps practices from the outset.

Containing tools such as GIT, Jenkins, Docker,  Cucumber w/Selenium Grid, SonarQube, Nexus and OWASP, our platform enables you to store, version, build, test, continuously deliver and release application and infrastructure code.

DevOps as a Service

Facilitate collaboration between your software development and operations teams, combine your tools and allow them to work as a single unit.

We can build, run, and manage your entire end-to-end delivery pipeline and integrate your delivery systems with a fully automated solution.

Then, every action in the delivery process can be tracked for monitoring and reporting while enabling your developers to do more meaningful tasks.

Cloud Migration/Operations

Move your DevOps platform to the cloud to improve reliability, scalability and speed of delivery.

Our cloud migration process helps you:

  • Evaluate and assess infrastructure, applications and data
  • Identify opportunities and optimal cloud migration strategy based on business needs
  • Discover dependencies and make recommendations to reduce risk, time and cost

The Phoenix Project Business Simulation Workshop

Learn more about good DevOps principles at our interactive, one-day workshop based on the book “The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win.”  The workshop requires business and technology teams to work together to deploy the fictional “Phoenix Project,” an IT-enabled business digital transformation project.

During the workshop, teams learn to use DevOps to deliver software that reliably scales or pivots in response to market feedback. Anyone who wants to learn about DevOps culture and high-performing teams in a learn-by-doing environment will benefit from this innovative program.


Mitigate threat before it strikes. Address security vulnerabilities with our penetration testing services.


Going Above the Cloud for Aviation 

Our client, a private business jet charter company, needed to eliminate its technical debt by modernizing its software, getting it to the cloud and making it work there.   

One near-term benefit: Migrating the company’s accounts payable software to the cloud cut its invoice rendering and archiving processes in half. Cloud migration also allowed them to retire long-term software contracts. However, we went a step further. We helped our client’s teams develop new ways of thinking about how the company was operating its data stores, centralizing its data, using API and more.  

Our client is now investing less money, time and effort on its own software solutions and deploying more “plug and play” applications. The result has been significant, long-term sustainable benefits that transcend cloud migration.


DevOps FastForge Platform

Surviving today depends on your organization’s ability to deploy meaningful change in a repeatable, reliable and quick manner.

FastForge helps your development teams rapidly start building applications utilizing modern development practices.

Practices such as DevOps and Automated Testing are considered from the start, ensuring low-risk pushes to the production of your application code. FastForge connects Azure’s core components so you can respond to evolving business needs at cloud-powered speed.

How It Works

  • Configures Agile Project Management Tools to manage development efforts using Lean Agile Principles
  • Stands up core development infrastructure needed to support modern development best practices such as trunk-based development, modern modular architecture, containers/services, code scanning and more
  • Establishes seamless application deployment pipelines by standing up your DevOps build (CI) and deployment (CD) based on environment progression and blue-green production deployment strategies.
  • Prepares for ongoing Operations by configuring, alerting and monitoring in production environment
  • Gives the development team a head start by installing a customizable sample or Reference Application that illustrates desired architectural patterns, modern development practices, testing frameworks and more.

Whether you need to swap one component or many, we can work with you to design and implement a solution that fits your organization’s needs.


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Maurice Faison, National Senior Manager, Microsoft Practice, Centric Consulting

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