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For 25 years, Centric Consulting has created unmatched experiences for employees, clients and communities.

An international management consulting firm, we bring expertise in AI strategy, cyber risk management, cloud solutions and more. The firm combines the benefits of experience, flexibility and cost efficiency to create tailored solutions centered on what’s best for your business.


Centric Consulting's Origin Story

As we mark a major milestone, founding CEO Dave Rosevelt and current CEO Larry English sit down to talk about Centric Consulting’s origin story. Even 25 years later, we continue to uphold our mission of creating unmatched experiences for employees, clients and communities.



What Your Pen Test Isn’t Showing You: A Live Hack

Wonder what a cyber attacker sees when they target your organization? Wonder no more. Watch a live network attack demo simulated by an industry-leading offensive security expert. In our on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how to uncover vulnerabilities that the average pen test misses.


Blended Well With Our Experts

Centric resources were able to quickly assess our needs for an in-flight technology implementation and immediately add value to our program – spanning areas such as requirements definition to training. The resources worked well with a mix of internal stakeholders, project sponsors and technology experts to support an aggressive implementation timeline. Centric’s knowledge of the technology platform was crucial in their ability to drive us to a successful launch.

Sheryl Markov, SVP, Head of Marketing Operations, Northern Trust


Boosting a Company’s Efficiency

Pharma Logistics wanted to transform their business to drive growth and efficiency. Learn how we helped them reduce manual work, remove technology constraints, improve data systems and flows to support their growth strategies.

Diagnosing & Solving a Technology Need

Portland Street Medicine needed a collaboration tool to better monitor healthcare for the homeless. Learn how we diagnosed and solved the problem with Microsoft 365, earning us recognition as a 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award finalist.



Citizens Energy Group Logo

Leading a Modern Transformation

Citizens Energy Group needed modern solutions to position the company for sustainable growth. Learn how we applied the best of Centric to help them transform the business – and make better use of Oracle, Microsoft Office 365, and UiPath tools.


Microsoft Copilot Consulting

Our Copilot consulting services are designed to meet you wherever you are in your Microsoft journey. We’ll help you achieve company-wide Copilot readiness with a focus on data governance and security, workforce training and adoption, and licensing and implementation needs.

Business and Technology Challenges Impacting Organizations Like Yours

If you’re not moving to the cloud, developing a mobile app or building custom software, you probably should be.

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