Modern Software Delivery

Modern Software Delivery

Quickly realize value in your technology investment while remaining competitive in a disruptive marketplace with a Modern Software Delivery strategy.

Fundamentals of Modern Software Delivery

Our Modern Software Delivery strategy focuses on transformative opportunities in four fundamental areas that affect a business.


Technology innovation happens in organizations that develop strategic partnerships between their business and IT leadership and functions. This collaborative growth-oriented mindset must be valued and applied at all levels of the organization to create high performing teams. High performing teams are cross-functional, collaborative teams that use technology platforms to accelerate their achievements.


All organizations can benefit from applying Lean Agile principles to their technology delivery. These principles include Business Agility, Product Development, Lean Agile Methodologies, Scrum/Kanban approaches, Visible Work, Integrated Feedback, and Work-In-Process (WIP) Management. By applying Lean Agile principles to software development, business needs can be aligned with technological capabilities


To move an idea to production as quickly as possible, organizations must apply DevOps engineering practices, tools and techniques across the entire delivery process. DevOps enables your organization to see improved deployment frequency while maintaining quality and reliability. As DevOps capabilities mature, an organization will become better able to identify opportunities for effective workflow automation.


One of the fastest ways to increase productivity is to adopt cloud technology platforms that enable scalability and innovation, while remaining both secure and accessible. Cloud platforms become the accelerators that empower high performing teams to deliver value more rapidly.

Rethinking Business Transformation:

In an age of constant change, you must rethink the approach to transformation and technology delivery.

Through our webinar you’ll learn why modern software delivery is fundamental to successful business transformation efforts. Our white paper shows you how to thrive through disruption by transforming to become a modern software delivery organization.

The Value of Applying a Modern Software Delivery Strategy

When high performing teams apply Agile principles and DevOps practices while using cloud platforms to accelerate production, it creates a synergy that enables us to rapidly deliver value without sacrificing reliability or quality. By applying a Modern Software Delivery strategy, we can create a Continuous Delivery Pipeline – a workflow process that enables us to build any software on a safe and reliable basis while increasing output and velocity.

Recent industry studies have reported that applying a Modern Software Delivery strategy brings the following benefits to organizations:

  • Adding Modern Software Delivery Practices to an agile environment improves business growth by 63%.
  • Organizations see their market capitalization grow 50% higher than their industry peers.
  • Mature teams deliver code to production 46 times more often than traditional IT organizations.
  • Teams leverage a cloud platform for 83% of their applications.
  • Technology delivery speed is improved by 37%, employee retention by 77% and customer engagement by a factor of 4.

Sources:  Accelerating Velocity and Customer Value​, State of DevOps Report 2017, DORA State of DevOps Report 2018

Custom Application Development & Implementation

At Centric, we don’t simply match solutions with technology requirements – we deliver software in a modern, customized way that helps organizations bring ideas to the market more efficiently. When we apply our Modern Software Delivery strategy, we empower an organization to deliver more value to the market faster while maintaining quality, whether it requires broader transformation work or targeting specific problems and incremental challenges.

We create custom applications that are fast, simple to use, easy to maintain and scalable. For example, our Azure team can help you determine the optimal path for moving your applications into the cloud with Microsoft Azure’s suite of Web Application Modernization Services.

Our architects understand the current technical landscape and build applications using the latest technologies. Their diversified capabilities include technical knowledge and expertise around a wide array of platforms. This enables our teams to help your organization make the right technology decisions while applying sound engineering strategies that empower you to scale up as your business grows. Our services include:

Assessments & Strategy

A business’s need for technology is based on expected value and organizational readiness. We can assess an entire IT organization or target specific teams or areas to identify and prioritize process improvement initiatives. We can provide a Capability Maturity Analysis, develop a Roadmap for Improvement, and ensure that the deliverable is repeatable for process improvement.

Governance & Oversight

Every organization needs a governance plan that provides a balanced approach to operations and ensures that technology is used in the intended way that maximizes adoption and minimizes risk. We help facilitate decision-making related to the technology’s purpose and application within the business.

Tool Selection & Implementation

The right technology platforms can help a business accelerate its internal processes to reliably deliver more value at a faster rate. We help identify and evaluate the right set of tools based on organizational needs and readiness to ensure that the tools we build will serve our customers in the long-term. We have established sound practices around the entire Application Lifecycle to ensure a long-running, maintainable application that can meet customer needs for years to come.

Coaching & Knowledge Transfer

Being competent and being capable are two different things. We help our clients develop capabilities by leveraging our subject matter experts. We develop high performing teams with an integrated People-Process-Technology Approach, and we transfer knowledge to internal teams to ensure sustainability after a project is completed.

We can guide you to a Business Anywhere future — one where every interaction is smart and seamless, every process is fully automated and paperless, and everyone is ready for whatever the future holds.




Our Centric Team 

Our team is comprised of more than 130 delivery professionals that include developers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Adoption and Change Management SpecialistsGovernance Experts, Test Automation Developers, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Architects, and Emerging Technology Specialists. Within that team, we have certified AWS, Azure and Agile specialists and our investments in continual learning ensure that our consultants are among the best in the industry. Our flexible “Right Site” working model provides the right combination of experts to solve your problems and enables us to deliver on-site at your office, off-site at ours, offshore in India, or a combination of these.  


Cloud isn’t just hardware somewhere else. It is a platform
that can be leveraged as an accelerator to modern software delivery. We help you make the best use of the cloud for your needs.

  • Cloud Strategy & Prioritization
  • Cloud Adoption Plan
  • Cloud Migration & Optimization
  • Cloud Managed Support
  • Cloud Innovation


DevOps isn’t about delivering software continuously, it delivers a pipeline that can continuously deliver software. We help you implement DevOps engineering practices to accelerate delivery.

  • Workflow Automation
  • Modular Architecture
  • Instrumented Processes
  • Tool Optimization


Agile takes complex projects and turns them into manageable, incrementally deliverable solutions. We help you improve transparency, collaboration, and delivery cadence through agile maturation.

  • Workflow management
  • Agile training & coaching
  • Agile methodology improvement and implementation
  • Scaled Agile Framework for the Enterprise (SAFe) implementation


Quality assurance and improvement are critical to delivery acceleration efforts. Our testing services provide you with the ability to automate within sprints, and shorten feedback times.

  • Automation effectiveness evaluation
  • Scaled automation
  • Active test data management
  • Automation capability establishment
  • Full spectrum testing services
  • Offshore testing

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