Salesforce Implementation Services

You’ve invested in Salesforce, now it’s time to make the platform work for you.


Whether this is a first-time implementation, advancing your current usage, or even a re-implementation, you need a partner who can quickly and effectively understand your business and its many nuances and help you achieve your business objectives.

Centric Consulting brings years of strategic and tactical Salesforce solution experience as well as passionate, knowledgeable resources all committed to delivering the foundational elements that will set you up for success not just now, but for years to come.

Our Salesforce Implementation Capabilities

Benefit from our experience and expertise with the Salesforce platform and become enabled to use the platform to its fullest potential.

Our team has years of experience working with clients in multiple industries, including but not limited to: Insurance, Financial Services, Retail (Clothing and Apparel), Automotive, Transportation, Software, Technology, and Healthcare.


Our Salesforce team specializes in:

Our Approach to Salesforce Implementation

As every company is different, so is every implementation. We have developed a methodology flexible enough to deliver Salesforce solutions, from simple initial implementations to complex, multi-cloud solutions.

We can work in an agile fashion or take a more traditional (waterfall) or hybrid approach. Regardless, we learn what truly matters to your business and offer expert design, prioritization, and delivery utilizing a delivery methodology that can be adapted to fit your sales managers’ and the entire company’s specific needs.

Our approach entails:

  • Assessing your current capabilities, technologies, business processes and requirements to recommend a roadmap based on your specific objectives and Salesforce solutions best practices. 
  • Designing with future scalability in mind, even before the development environment, serves as your foundation. Our goal is to not just get you through the initial setup but on the path to continued long-term success with Salesforce. 
  • Tailoring the implementation based on your individual needs and priorities. Our methodology and strategy will ensure you recognize value as quickly as possible. 

Centric Consulting - Delivery Methodology

Our Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce Implementation Strategy and Design

Many clients know they are not getting the most out of your Salesforce solution. Let us assess and ensure you are getting the highest return on your investment. 

Our team will partner with you to understand your business, including your current state and goals as well as how Salesforce can best enable your business. Then we will create a blueprint to get you there. 

We will guide you through options leveraging our expertise and best practices to ensure you are set up for ongoing success. 

  • Discovery & Roadmap Design 
  • Technical, Business and Licensing Assessment and Evaluation 
  • Prototyping 
  • Technical Delivery Assistance 

Full Cloud Implementations

Work with our highly skilled team to plan, design, build, and deliver innovative solutions that redefine productivity and revolutionize your digital experience. Whether it is a single cloud or multiple, our team is there with you at every step of the digital transformation process.

  • Discovery, strategic planning, scoping, and technical design 
  • Cloud enablement, configuration, development, and user acceptance testing 
  • Legacy data migration 
  • Systems integration – using Salesforce integrations/APIs, MuleSoft and third-party integration solutions 
  • AppExchange product implementations 
  • Documentation and training

[On-Demand Webinar] Salesforce Success: The What, Why and How of a Center of Excellence

Join Salesforce experts to learn about the Salesforce Center of Excellence construct and how it can drive results.


Salesforce Architecture


Image Source: Salesforce Trailhead

Ready to begin your Salesforce journey? We are here to guide you.



Learn how maximize your Salesforce solution investment and select the right Salesforce partner.

Why choose us as your Salesforce implementation partner?

Beyond technical knowledge, we realize there are more components that play a role in a successful Salesforce implementation, including having a trusted partner, experience, and understanding that a Salesforce implementation can have broad impacts across your organization.

Trusted Partner

When you partner with us, we’re dedicated to providing you with an unmatched experience by working together to do what’s right by you. 

As a multi-year Salesforce Partner, our team of Salesforce Certified Professionals has credentials that span the Salesforce product ecosystem, so you can trust who you are partnering with. 

We also make it a point to stay current in our Salesforce solutions knowledge from academic understanding to practical application. This includes maintaining familiarity with current Salesforce functionality and releases by using our own internal Salesforce products for learning, training, demonstrations, and innovation.





Whether your implementation is large or small, we can help you solve some of the most common business challenges associated with Salesforce implementations. 

Over the years, our team has completed more than 500 Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud projects of all sizes. The team also brings a technology-agnostic, inclusive approach to your implementation and experience working cross-stack. 

As your partner, we will deliver scalable, strategic solutions that incorporate Salesforce while also leveraging your existing technologies and investments.




Our Salesforce team has helped clients:

  • Scale the Salesforce platform to meet growing business needs and achieve ROI
  • Effectively manage and even reduce platform costs
  • Map business processes to Salesforce capabilities and implementation solutions
  • Overcome internal resourcing constraints with flexible staffing and knowledgeable resources
  • Customize Salesforce solutions based on business needs
  • Complete complex data migrations and Salesforce consolidations
  • Expand the use and value of Salesforce with system integrations
  • Create dynamic multi-cloud experiences driven by a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Implement on a global scale with complex multilingual experiences
  • Make organizational and business process changes to adopt and increase the usage and value of Salesforce

Chatbot Functionality Allows Team To Have Flexibility

Centric Consulting recommended and created complex chat and chatbot functionality to help offset many of the support requests that only needed simple responses and details. We expect to see many issues being resolved without the need of our teams, allowing for more flexibility in planning and innovation for our future.

Daniel Ramati, Product Team Owner, Southeast Toyota


We recognize that implementing the Salesforce platform and advancing its capabilities may require evolving other areas of your organization as well.

We also offer expertise in the following areas to ensure your success with Salesforce. With each process, you will:

People and Change Management

Deliver stronger business, technology, and digital transformations through strong people alignment and preparation, including the successful roll-out, adoption and use of Salesforce.

Operational Excellence

Define, implement, and automate the business processes that are key to delivering business value from your Salesforce implementation.

Data and Analytics

Transform data from Salesforce and other sources into information that accelerates business insight, ensures operational excellence, and gives you a competitive advantage.


What are Salesforce implementation services? 

Salesforce implementation services are the set of professional services that help organizations roll out their new Salesforce solution across the organization in order to help consolidate all of its primary business processes and communication into one platform. These services typically include the implementation strategy and design, data migration, Salesforce training, and more.  

What is the best Salesforce implementation process? 

There is no one-size-fits-all implementation process for Salesforce because every business is different. However, there are some best practices. Read our detailed breakdown, “A Comprehensive Guide to Salesforce Implementation” to learn more. 

How does a Salesforce implementation work? 

Salesforce implementation works through a combination of planning and road mapping, establishing ownership and clear lines of responsibility, and aligning stakeholder expectations so your company gets the results you need to be successful

How do I plan implementation in Salesforce? 

Before planning a Salesforce implementation, or even before you choose to move forward with Salesforce CRM or any of its other tools, you should perform an assessment of your current customer relationship manager (CRM). If you’re looking to switch, learn more here. If you’re looking to upgrade your current Salesforce platform, read more here.

After the assessment, you’ll want to 1. Engage with Salesforce, 2. Engage with a Partner to discuss their professional services, 3. Negotiate before your Salesforce implementation, 4. Know your process, 5. Create change. Our article, “5 Steps to Take Before Fully Engaging in a Salesforce Implementation” breaks down each of these. 

Can I implement Salesforce on my own?

Yes, however, Salesforce implementation projects are time-consuming for anyone performing the implementation alongside their daily role, and these projects can fail. To avoid the frustration and wasted money of a failed Salesforce implementation, it’s helpful to work with an experienced professional services partner dedicated to your company’s success.  

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