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Technology is rapidly changing. Are you ready to improve your financial services firm?


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New technology in banking, insurance, global markets and more is rapidly changing the financial services industry.

Growth is more challenging, customers are increasingly demanding, industry regulations are tighter and firms are facing strong competition. At the same time, financial services firms must prepare for continuous improvement.

Are you ready?

We help financial services firms optimize new business processes and modernize global technology solutions. From process optimization to risk management, Centric Consulting can work with your financial organization to overcome any technological challenges within your industry.

We work with new and senior organizations within banking, brokering, insurance, asset management and more to help optimize their business processes and modernize global technology solutions. Let us create value in your organization through financial services consulting.

Financial Services Consulting for Growth and Efficiency

Operating Model Development

Financial institutions can expect to compete in a challenging, low-growth environment within their markets for the foreseeable future. As a result, new and senior organizations have realized they may not be able to experience the full potential of their offerings without changing their sales, service and relationship management models.

Our operating development insights create long-term value and growth for financial institutions in their given markets. We partner with clients, including major financial service companies, to develop and deploy core operating infrastructures to support growth in strategic and cost-effective ways.

Business Intelligence (BI)

As financial service organizations increasingly face new issues of compliance, globalization, consolidation and competition within their industry, the measurement and management of business performance is no longer optional. We help our financial service clients achieve deeper insights into their markets including customer experience, product performance, operations, marketing and more.

We use our proven BI accelerators to rapidly deliver advanced analytic capability to clients’ fingertips. By aligning strategic business objectives and insights with a BI roadmap, we help our clients sustainably grow their BI initiatives, ensuring both financial return and realized business value. BI provides banking, brokering, insurance and other financial institutions the latest insights into modernizing global technology solutions.

Regulatory Compliance

Recent legislation has increased the burden of regulatory compliance. We assist compliance efforts to ensure planned initiatives do not risk hindering your business’s long-term effectiveness.

We bring senior expertise from all practice areas, including business process improvement, program and project management, as well as resource strategy and optimization, to minimize compliance risk and ensure all solutions comply with regulations. Discover the value of regulatory compliance assistance that is as non-intrusive as possible.

Partners in Growth

“Our organization recognized the need to refine end-to-end processes, identify key technology enhancements, and define key new roles to support the business. Centric helped us to design the business model, develop the business case and secure funding to make the investments needed to support our future growth – partnering closely with us along the way to ensure that we were getting exactly what we wanted.”

Head of Marketing and Product Development, Financial Services Company

Financial Services Consulting for Technological Innovation

Strategic Sourcing and Procurement

As financial services firms continue to manage the global financial crisis, many are realizing savings by optimizing their procurement and finding innovative approaches to sourcing.

We help financial services firms create a management strategy to restructure their procurement operations, including end-to-end assessments of current operations, redefining strategies and rationalizing their supplier base.

Systems Modernization

Now more than ever, financial services firms are focused on driving new technology integration and process efficiency to better understand market drivers and effectively meet their customers’ demands.

We leverage core service offerings such as BI, business process automation, web portal technologies and mobile solutions to streamline internal decision-making and modernize the way financial institutions interact with their customers.

Mobile App Development

Industry consumers are demanding easier access to their money and important financial information. In the past, banking institutions, insurance companies and other financial organizations have struggled to provide customers with the information they need through online and mobile channels in an easy-to-use, highly engaging format.

New functionality such as remote deposit, goal-based savings and strategy tools, and person-to-person payments present challenges and opportunities for financial services companies in meeting customer expectations.

We help insurance, banking and other financial clients define and take advantage of new banking opportunities, including integrated communication tactics and interactive mobile prototypes for the iPhone and Android platforms.

What Makes Our Financial Consulting Different?

What differentiates us is our delivery of new insights and consulting services within the United States markets in which we operate. We have offices in key cities across the U.S., including Boston, Chicago and Miami. And, when the situation calls for it, we can source staff from our global Solution Centers.

Our local focus, industry expertise and flexibility in how we work with senior executives, investors and other clients allow us to provide the most effective consulting experience in their markets today.


Learn how our financial consulting services can help you optimize new business processes and modernize global technology solutions.