Software Quality Assurance & Testing

We deliver the rapid, quality feedback you need to build great software in a fast-moving world.


Without modern approaches to software quality assurance and testing, you can’t develop the solutions you need to keep up with customers and competitors.

If your organization is not using modern software quality assurance and testing methodologies, you’re likely experiencing chronic manual-testing bottlenecks, increased test cycle times, and escaped defects. Or perhaps you’re experiencing these challenges because you are operating in silos or starved for resources.

The best way to increase testing coverage, decrease testing cycle time, and improve quality is to leverage modern testing practices, including automation, to support rapid delivery. With the increasing use of Agile, Lean and DevOps, testing has quickly become a focal point for accelerating delivery while improving quality.

We specialize in these modern methods of delivering better quality assurance strategy, test automation and digital quality assurance to ensure that the most relevant feedback speeds your software and application development.

With our help, you can increase testing velocity so your organization confidently accelerates its release cadence which helps delight customers and keeps rivals on their toes.

Our Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Automating your software testing processes is not just about technology—it’s also about people. Our approach includes the training and education you need to make your testing program succeed.

Quality Assurance

Experienced strategists and architects evaluate the best way to structure your quality assurance (QA) organization to integrate quality more tightly into engineering processes.

  • Assessments and Roadmaps 
  • Modernization and Strategy  
  • Agile QA/Test Transformation 
  • DevOps Test Transformation 
  • Targeted Training 
  • Thought Leadership 
  • Rock Star Program 

Digital Assurance

Testing with new architectural approaches and new technologies to meet the unique infrastructure and architectural needs of today’s digital organizatons.

  • Microservices Testing 
  • Big Data Testing 
  • ETL Testing 
  • Tool Governance (Selection/Implementation) 

Automation Coverage

CI/CD-ready frameworks that allow you to automate at scale and within sprints.

  • Web Automation 
  • Mobile Automation 
  • ETL/Big Data Test Automation 
  • Guidewire Test Automation 
  • Salesforce Test Automation 
  • CI/CD Test Integration 
  • Performance Testing 

Application Security

Regular penetration testing hardens your application’s security posture against cyber attacks.

Our Penetration Testing Services ensure you’re prepared for new threats by focusing on your unique portfolio of business applications.

  • OWASP, DevSecOps
  • Secure Code Review
  • Static Code Analysis
  • IOS and Android.

Our Automation Services by the Numbers

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Client Story

Automating Testing to Maximize Resources

Our client, a chemical information company, needed to scale up an automation team for a large Agile program with eight teams). But both the teams’ capacity and the project budget were limited, though the company had sourced with six local contracting firms and 11 embedded contract automation resources. 

We implemented a program called Rock Star to develop innovative learning and growth capability for the Agile teams in-house. We put four employees through an intensive two-week, hands-on training class to learn engineering and automation practices, such as: 

  • architectural design patterns 
  • static code analysis 
  • best practices for designing automated tests.  

After three months, the 4 Rock Stars were as productive as the other 11 existing contract resources. Because they had learned the engineering architectural side of test design, six months later the Rock Stars were outproducing the other resources by an average of 900%.


Rethinking Business Transformation:

In an age of constant change, you must rethink the approach to transformation and technology delivery.

Through our webinar you’ll learn why modern software delivery is fundamental to successful business transformation efforts. Our white paper shows you how to thrive through disruption by transforming to become a modern software delivery organization.

Reduction in Defects

We engaged Centric to replace our existing QA vendor in 2019. Centric rapidly scaled up to meet our demanding schedule and seamlessly collaborated to implement our desired validation approach. Results to date have been excellent. The percentage of business found defects during UAT reduced from 48% to 15% within 9 months and has continued to decrease to 10% over the last year.

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