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A thriving hybrid workplace is the future of work. To get there, your company needs a hybrid workplace strategy and it requires more than simply deciding where people work each day.

Organizations today are focused on ensuring their hybrid and remote work models are healthy, productive and engaging for the long run. Modern workers want an employer that combines virtual and in-person work – but only when working on-site makes sense. The right hybrid workplace strategy involves thoughtful planning and execution to maintain a strong company culture. But some of the most critical decisions are not always obvious and are not always easy to implement.

At Centric Consulting, we are digital pioneers. Operating our company largely without direct office space for more than 20 years has taught us that great hybrid workplaces don’t happen by accident. In fact, the President of our company wrote a book that shares what we’ve learned.

Future of work strategies must address key decisions about workplace vision, talent lifecycle, leading virtually, workplace collaboration and technology, real estate, security, and digital process modernization to keep companies prosperous. Then the strategy must be put into action while guiding leaders and associates to realize the vision.

Helping clients build strong hybrid workplace cultures and adopt the right technologies is part of our company’s DNA. We’ve used this experience to create best-practices to help build better hybrid and virtual workplaces.

Whether your company is already operating in a hybrid model or still planning your return-to-office approach, our experts can guide you through the decisions, policies, technology, and training needed to make hybrid thrive. We don’t just point you in the direction you need to go, we can also help you get there! Learn more about our approach to hybrid workplace strategy and implementation below.

Hybrid Workplace Strategy Matters

Microsoft Study: Microsoft Work Trend Index

of employees want hybrid workplaces
of leaders are redesigning office space
of workers are considering a job switch

Hybrid Work Questions We Can Help Answer

How will we maintain our culture with associates working in a hybrid virtual world?

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Our Approach to Building a Sustainable Hybrid Workplace

Our hybrid workplace design experts collaborate with you to make strategic decisions that meet your business and workforce needs.



  • Define leaders’ strategic intent for the hybrid workplace, assess current state and remote work compatibility, and prepare hybrid workplace recommendations.
  • Facilitate hybrid workplace leadership decisions and define high-level impacts, including real estate needs.


  • Define HR policies and hybrid-operating norms using our “Best Practice Guide” and “Policy Accelerators.”
  • Define the hybrid workplace norm implications.


  • Define initiatives and change strategy to transition to the hybrid workplace.
  • Prepare targeted learning and leader and employee toolkits to support hybrid workplace operating norms and define additional impacts to jobs, teams and units.


  • Continue identifying additional impacts to jobs, teams and units, and start implementing changes to transition to a hybrid workplace.
  • Implement change strategy and plan, including leader toolkits, associate toolkits and learning courses.
  • Complete preparation of remaining roadmap initiatives, implement initiatives as they are ready and continue change support.

For a firsthand look at our remote work business model, read “Office Optional: How to Build a Connected Culture With Virtual Teams.”

CEO Larry English tells the story of how our virtual consulting firm started — and how companies can follow suit with an office-optional culture.




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