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RPA as a Service

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and RPA Managed Services.


As the RPA market continues its healthy trajectory of growth, many business leaders are asking: is there such a thing as an ‘easy button’ approach to scaling up an automation program?

For those seeking an end to licensing negations, filling staffing requirements for new automations, or managing yet another system, RPA as a Service presents an attractive alternative.

We know, the acronym ‘RPAaaS’ is a bit of a mouthful. Think of it as white glove RPA support and maintenance for a better grasp of what this automation service could mean for you.

RPA as a Service upends the traditional licensed RPA model, offering: 

  • Flexible, consumption-based pricing
  • Managed cloud infrastructure
  • ROI that directly correlates to your processes
  • Simple staffing
  • Flexible timelines.

When you engage our RPA support and maintenance specialists, you benefit from the best practices, standards, tools and templates that come with experience. Getting things done right the first time means not only selecting the best RPA automation tools for the job, but bringing business process discovery, analysis and optimization into sharp focus.

This is why our RPA consultants are just as fluent in building and managing bots as they are in Operational Excellence and Business Process Management methodologies and practices.

Quicker Value Realization

With up-front costs for licensing, infrastructure and implementation, achieving positive value with traditional RPA takes more time than with RPA as a Service.


RPA as a Service versus Traditional RPA - Centric Consulting

Our RPAaaS Services

Want RPA but don’t want to add the expense of a specialized team?

Outsourcing to digital workers with RPA BPO can be used as a point solution to your automation needs. RPA BPO is the outsourcing of processes to an external partner that develops RPA bots to automate routine tasks and workflows.

Benefits of our RPA Business Process Outsourcing services include:

  • Automation of repetitive, rule-based processes using RPA bots that work 24/7
  • We build and manage the RPA software bots and infrastructure for you while maintaining compliance with all security and data regulations
  • Automated processes include customer service, IT support, data entry, claims processing and HR tasks, allowing your staff to focus on higher-value work.

Recent RPA Growth Trends

of companies expect to grow their RPA teams in 2023
of companies have already been using RPA for 5+ years
of RPA development spend is in financial services
projected growth of RPA spend in 2023

Ready to have our experts build and manage your RPA bots and infrastructure for you so your staff can focus on higher-value work?



Our RPA Consultants are Experts in Enterprise Automation

Enterprise automation is the methodology of addressing all the automation gaps not already automated within an organization’s ERP, CRM, billing and invoicing program and other applications.

Successful enterprise automation strategies often include RPA as a Service as a key component to automating repetitive manual tasks and reducing resource expenditure over time.

Our enterprise automation experts employ technologies like RPA, AI, hyperautomation, and low- or no-code platforms called business process management software (BPMS) to help you enable true enterprise-wide automation.


We love our clients.

Our RPA as a Service experts build and manage your RPA bots and infrastructure so your staff can focus on higher-value work.