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Business Process Management (BPM) Consulting

Business process consulting services for business strategy, process optimization, BPM implementation and program management.


Some organizations discuss Business Process Management as process OR technology. Centric Consulting defines Business Process Management as the convergence of process, people AND technology.

Unless all three engines operate in harmony, your business is likely to struggle with operational inefficiencies. You may see:  

  • Too many manual, error-prone, time-consuming tasks 
  • Lack of process standardization, definition and documentation 
  • Inadequate business rules and lack of control 
  • Inability to scale operations due to process redundancy costs 
  • Lack of process ownership due to functional silos  
  • Limited visibility into real-time data and performance 
  • Process and service delivery bottlenecks and inefficiencies 
  • Less than stellar customer experience 

Business Process Management (BPM) provides end-to-end process optimization driven by deep process analysis, prioritization, visibility and control across your organization.

Business process optimization, which is part of the BPM methodology, ultimately leads to business goal optimization. To get there, make sure your BPM strategy covers: 

  • Your current process state, including pain points and opportunities 
  • Your desired future state, including targeted process improvements and organizational vision 
  • Your plan for getting there, including a BPM roadmap, prioritization and change management plan 

Knowing how and when to prioritize the processes that will deliver the most business value to your organization is key to a successful BPM initiative.  

Why BPM Consulting?

BPM addresses key process optimization areas to unlock your company’s potential. Our BPM consultants tailor solutions that strike the right balance of process improvement, process change and technology implementation.


  • Understand who is doing what work and when it will be done
  • Review timelines based on individual, team, task or business line
  • Gain insight into why certain activities take longer than others


  • Redesign for a process-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) 
  • Integrate with systems that do not have APIs by using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Keep your data where it lies now and utilize BPM to manage process data


  • Update the look and feel of legacy applications to be mobile-friendly and improve employee and customer experience
  • Embed your workflows into systems without impacting your ongoing workflows and productivity
  • Put your team’s tasks and workflows in a single pane of glass

Process Effectiveness

  • Enable process insights with effective and intuitive dashboards
  • Identify service delivery bottlenecks and areas for improvement
  • Control and correct for inefficient behaviors while standardizing new and improved processes

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We offer a wide array of BPM services that leverage decades of hands-on expertise across business strategy, process optimization, technology and digital capabilities and enterprise program management. 

Our BPM consultants are well-versed in solving problems with process visibility, system integrations and security, application modernization and operational efficiency. Here’s how we help companies address their biggest process pain points throughout the BPM implementation lifecycle.

Business Process Improvement and Transformation

Whether you’re looking to optimize your current processes based on the best balance of return and risk or you need to rethink your approach altogether, we can help. It begins with enhancing your process visibility. 

We’ll analyze your business processes using process documentation, definition and modeling to prioritize the opportunities that support a BPM strategy and roadmap in support of your business goals.

Software Analysis and Vendor Selection

Business Process Management Solutions (BPMS) are platforms that allow organizations to model, manage, optimize and rapidly adjust business processes.

These platforms solve multiple process-related issues via automation, collaboration and visibility, eliminating the people, data and application siloes that business processes can operate within. 

Careful system integration is key to maximizing the value of BPM. We’ll help you select and integrate the BPM solution that meets your needs and keeps your data safe.

BPMS Implementation and Support

After you’ve chosen the right BPM solution for you, we can help with enablement and support by using a “modified agile” approach. From modernized user interfaces to streamlined workflows, we’ll deliver functionality across your organization through iterative implementation.  

Together we’ll establish a project team that balances your team members with ours to define user stories. We’ll determine the proper sequence to deliver against these stories with increased efficiency and quick time to value.

Process Governance

Are you having difficulty making process excellence a long-term effort, rather than for a single project? 

We’ll provide the guidance and framework needed to ensure your company evolves to a Center of Excellence (CoE) model to enable continuous improvement. We’ll help define the standards, patterns and best practices needed to adopt this mindset throughout the organization.

BPM Managed Services

You need ongoing development and maintenance support for your existing and new processes within a BPM solution. 

We provide full lifecycle application management and industry-leading ITIL-based service management processes alongside Our Delivery Model to ensure your organization is set up for success.



What’s Your Enterprise Automation Maturity?

Wondering how effective your automation program is and what your next steps should be? Our enterprise automation maturity assessment will help you identify where you are at in your automation journey and what you can do to take it to the next level.

Download the self-assessment to learn how blending Robotic Process Automation with Business Process Management and Artificial Intelligence can transform how your business operates for the better.


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