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Supplemental PMO expertise to help you elevate your project portfolio management (PPM) practice.

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Build business agility with flexible, adaptive project management with Centric Consulting’s PMO as a Service. 

Gymnastic enterprises, a term coined by the Project Management Institute, are “resilient, flexible and future-focused” organizations that turn strategy into reality and carve out a true competitive advantage. 

To be counted among these gymnastic enterprises, you need business agility—the willingness and ability to respond to changing dynamics in a flexible, adaptive and rapid manner. Businesses that have agility invest in continuous improvement, prioritize collaborative structures and implement innovative processes. 

You don’t have to build business agility alone. If your project portfolio management practice needs help responding to changing dynamics, prioritizing collaborative structures, implementing innovative processes or developing capacity for continuous improvement, we offer: 

  • Interim and advisory portfolio and program leaders 
  • Program and project managers on a contract basis 
  • PPM team coaching and training  
  • PPM tool selection and implementation 

Our flexible and adaptive Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management experts will collaborate with your business to enhance agility so you can keep pace with change through our PMO as a Service. Whether you need fractional support, full-time expertise for a specific project or duration, or would like to fully outsource your PMO function, our team will work with you to help meet your program and project management needs. 

PMO as a Service Capabilities

During the capability discovery process, we will help you understand your company’s portfolio, program or project management practice with a high-level view of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to help you make informed and effective decisions.

  • Does your business need further and more comprehensive analysis of its current PPM performance?
  • Does your business want to identify opportunities to improve project delivery?
  • Could you benefit from objective evaluation of your portfolio’s strategic alignment, resource utilization, risk management and overall success?

Together, we will develop a roadmap to enhance your PPM practices so you can align people, processes and performance to deliver exceptional results and achieve strategic success.

Enhance Your Competitive Advantage

Continuous improvement is a prerequisite for success in today’s ever-changing marketplace. Businesses must invest in collaborative people and innovative processes to rise above the competition. Our experienced leaders and expert advisors can infuse your business with the agility required to take action, rapidly adjust, drive results and enhance your advantage with optimized portfolio, program and project management.

Joyce Meyer-Warren, National Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management Practice Lead, Centric Consulting

Centered on You.

Our Business Consulting Services are structured to address your end-to-end business needs. We provide comprehensive support for your business across strategy, operations and culture.

Together with our partners in Strategy Alignment and Architecture, Operational Excellence, People and Change, and Technology Services, our Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management team finds data and forms insights to optimize your PMO and enhance your PPM.

Your work with us will be tailored especially for your business. Whatever your company’s challenge, we will engage the right expertise to guide you.

Connect with us to learn how we can help you execute strategy and deliver value faster.

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An Enterprise-Changing Partnership

One of the largest financial service firms in the U.S. planned to expand in the cryptocurrency market and needed a program management leader to help them launch a complex product in an ambiguous regulatory environment on a small timeline.

The company engaged us to integrate their new crypto product across six business units, 10 workstreams and 500+ team members. Together, we created an enterprise program management system to accelerate collaborative decision-making.

Our program leadership approach enabled the company to launch its cryptocurrency trading platform with impressive results: more than 54,000 new crypto accounts opened within 90 days.


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Build business agility with our flexible, adaptive PMO-as-a-Service and carve out a true competitive advantage.