Penetration Testing Services

How vulnerable is your business? Penetration testing services to identify security gaps before hackers do.


Your network and portfolio of business applications continually change and grow. Employees come and go. External security threats morph and expand.

Regular penetration testing ensures that your network, applications and overall security posture is hardened against cyber attacks.

By looking at system security through the eyes of an attacker, Centric Consulting can highlight exploitable vulnerabilities, demonstrate impact and help IT teams prioritize remediation efforts. Our penetration testing consultants verify your defenses by identifying security vulnerabilities so they can be understood and solved.

Pen testing consulting services allow you to:

  • Protect your sensitive data
  • Comply with industry regulations that require regular pen testing and audits
  • Identify vulnerabilities and gain insight into the full extent of potential flaws in your environment
  • Demonstrate the potential business impact of an attack to your c-suite leaders
  • Reinforce employee phishing training by exposing them to sophisticated attacks
  • Test new security controls and the security of new business applications, products or services
  • Test for concerns or threats specific to your business.

Our pen testing services ensure you’re prepared for new threats, save resources otherwise spent on remediating expensive breaches and provide peace of mind that your security posture has been tested.

By performing regular penetration testing, you can achieve cyber liability compliance, a clean bill of health for an application launch, a secure attestation post-critical firewall and network system changes, and compliance with various security frameworks.

Our Penetration Testing Consulting Services

We provide comprehensive penetration testing programs tailored to your specific needs:

  • Internal, external, mobile and wireless attacks
  • Physical Penetration Testing
  • Red Team, Blue Team and Purple Team.
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Our Approach to Penetration Testing

We take a risk-based approach to scoping engagements that allows you to focus on your highest risk assets while reducing unnecessary costs. Using industry metrics for benchmarking and root cause analysis, we generate illuminating reports that are detailed and actionable while also being easy to understand.


Our Approach to Penetration Testing - Centric Consulting


Our cybersecurity team’s years of pen testing experience have resulted in a refined, documented approach to pen testing that analyzes information and synthesizes it into prioritized remediation plans.

Planning & Project Approach – establish the scope, rules of engagement, timeline and type of pen testing required.

Reconnaissance – gather information about target networks and systems including public information, information obtained via social engineering, footprinting, port scans and more.

Vulnerability Discovery – use a host of manual and automated techniques to identify high risk vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in target networks and systems.

Exploitation – attempt to gain access to target systems and networks.

Reporting – detail vulnerabilities, remediation recommendations and a roadmap for hardening of systems.

Ready to verify your defenses by identifying security vulnerabilities? Our experts can help.

Cost of a Data Breach

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Red Team Testing

Take your pen testing to the next level. Red teaming simulates what a real-world hacking team would do to attack your firm with the goal of financial gain, reputation damage or operations degradation. Red teams attack unannounced, working to penetrate defenses, gain access and establish a presence without detection.

A broad list of customized techniques is utilized including network, application, social engineering, wireless, physical access, malware, credential theft, etc. Once access is gained, the red team pivots to move laterally through the network and compromise critical assets.

If your company has already succeeded with standard penetration testing services but is a high-profile target for further cyber attacks, consider the red team approach. Red team testing provides your security team with an unannounced, realistic and comprehensive security test. The analysis and results will provide the additional remediation steps needed to take your security posture to the next level.



10 Things To Look For in a Mature Penetration Test

Not all pen tests are created equal. Pen testing is a staple for many organizations as more regulations require third-party assessments and organizations perform due diligence reviews.

Unfortunately, pen testing is becoming a commoditized service as more organizations enter this space. The price for these services varies wildly and so does quality. Let’s break down how to evaluate the quality of the work being proposed.


We Excel at Resolving Pen Test Findings

If penetration testing uncovers security issues, our team of skilled cybersecurity consultants can work with you to quickly address and resolve your vulnerabilities.

Centric Consulting's Cybersecurity Services

Identify security vulnerabilities and ensure you’re prepared for cyber threats with our penetration testing services.