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The Ultimate Guide to Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence

Our white paper takes a deep dive into what to consider before moving forward with an M&A, specifically regarding technology due diligence.

Scaling Agile Successfully: Is Your Business Ready?

In our white paper, we walk you through the challenges of scaling agile while providing you with solutions and steps so you can do it successfully.

Selecting High-Impact Projects: Improve Demand Management Processes to Maximize ROI

In this white paper, we walk you through several key challenges, processes and best practices for project demand management.

Slide the Empty Chair Closer to Understanding Your Customers: A Guide for Gathering Research and Insights

Want to close the gap between perceived customer expectations and reality? Research, data and insights are your answer.

Key Features of a Healthcare Analytics Platform

In our white paper, we discuss the key features and solutions of healthcare analytics platforms and how these help you be a data-driven organization.

Devising a High-Impact Data Strategy: Achieve a Data-driven Culture Through Increased Business Maturity

In our Data & Analytics white paper, we discuss how you can develop a data strategy that takes your business maturity model to the next level.

Using Oracle NetSuite’s Cloud ERP to Reshape the Small to Mid-Sized Utility Market

In this white paper, we discuss how you can use Oracle NetSuite's Cloud ERP to address the barriers utility companies are facing right now.

Business Anywhere: Our Guide to Becoming a Digital-First Organization

Business Anywhere is the custom framework you need to maximize customer engagement, workforce transformation, business operations and enterprise services for digital execution.

Rethinking Business Transformation: Execute Strategy Faster With Enterprise Program Management

Discover the ways EPM can help bridge the gap between strategy and execution and how upgraded EPM capabilities can help your business continue to pivot to achieve value.

Defeat Property & Casualty Insurance Challenges with a Modern Analytics Approach

Download our white paper to learn how to address data challenges in property & casualty insurance using a modern analytics approach.

Foster Business Agility Within Your Culture’s DNA

There is only one constant in business: People. Foster business agility within your culture’s DNA to drive competitive advantage.

Rethinking Business Transformation: Thrive Through Disruption with Modern Software Delivery

In an age of constant disruption, every company must be a technology company. Thrive through this disruption with Modern Software Delivery.