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When Marketing and IT work together, you can predict customer behavior and create interactions that are truly unique. The concept of marketing operations lets marketers focus on strategy: the high-value, high-touch, experiential and relationship-driven work. This allows technology-focused marketing teams to implement and launch campaigns across multiple toolsets, provide precise reporting, and show ROI on the team’s campaigns and investments.

Creating an effective strategy depends on access to intelligence, such as:

  • Marketing data that is clean, reliable and low-latency
  • Real-time analysis of campaign results
  • Fast, actionable A/B testing of content
  • Up-to-the-minute data integrated across systems and tools, available on multiple platforms and multiple devices

Marketers striving to accelerate their competitive advantage often encounter common challenges.

  • Struggling to utilize all of the tools and features on your new marketing automation platform? We understand the breadth of marketing automation platforms and can help you fully leverage their full functionality.
  • Does your data live on multiple platforms? Centric can help customize tools and applications for ubiquitous access and real-time action.
  • Need dedicated IT and marketing automation experts? We have the highest concentration of talent in the region, available remotely or on-premise.
  • Do your Marketing and IT departments not see eye-to-eye? Our calling is to create relationships between marketing and IT that are collaborative, functional, and high-performing.
  • Are you challenged to scale marketing automation efforts across the enterprise? We can scale to the highest degree imaginable, including IoT-collected data and unified messaging – up to a billion simultaneous transactions.

Our Areas of Expertise

With the highest-quality standards and certification credentials, Centric’s Seattle office has grown to more than 100 marketing operations professionals, development experts, and technical engineers. Together, we offer top-notch technical skills, enterprise-level deployment experience, and on-demand expertise to help marketing and IT organizations accelerate customer journeys and boost customer lifetime value.

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