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Using Our Modern Data Analytics Platform and Azure for Future Growth at Maas Energy Works

We built a data ecosystem for MEW using Azure and our modern analytics platform to power business insights.

Driving Cloud Transformation and Employee Innovation at Hilldrup

Our security engagement with Hilldrup, a moving and logistics company, grew into a cloud transformation project.

Pen Testing to Protect the Water Supply

We helped a large water utility company conduct a penetration test to comply with government regulations and protect their systems.

Using AI to Translate Math Expressions to Read Aloud Speech for National Training Network

We helped a math professional development company develop a custom software solution to read aloud to students with special needs.

Implementing a Platform to Mature Marketing Power

How we helped an American Retailer migrate to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to solve their need for a better marketing platform.

Driving Better Business Decisions with Strong Data Architecture and Data Management

We used data architecture and master data management consolidation to help an equipment financing company improve sales.

Unifying Data for Better Decision Making at HAI Group

How we helped a property and casualty insurance company create an analytics platform that exceeds customer and employee expectations.

Using Data to Reimagine New Business Processes for an Insurance Provider

Processes drive insurance companies. We helped a Fortune 500 insurer develop a complete strategic plan for its process-improvement efforts.

Deploying Salesforce to Modernize Processes at Crisis Assistance Ministry of Gastonia

Centric Consulting volunteers implemented and configured a custom Salesforce instance allowing the nonprofit to serve more people.

Common Problems, Unmatched Solutions: Your Centric Problem Solvers at Work

All consultants solve problems. But Centric Consulting problem solvers are different. Read our collection of client stories.

Implementing a Data Platform and Data Governance for an Insurer

We helped a P&C insurer design a cloud-based data platform using AWS. The client’s CIO engaged us to develop a Data Strategy and Roadmap.

Creating a Cloud-Based Platform to Help Drive Better Business Decisions

We implemented a cloud-based data platform for a property and casualty insurer that provided monthly profitability updates.