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Custom Application Development

We build beautiful custom software that is scalable, modern, and reliable.


Businesses of all types are facing competition from startups and rivals powered by the latest cloud capabilities. 

Our Application Development experts can help you build the custom software solutions needed to compete in this rapidly evolving ecosystem. 

Our approach leverages modern Experience Design, product engineering, modular architectures, and DevOps practices that position your team for success today and into the future. 

Whether you need a partner to modernize your entire application portfolio, or need help with creating enterprise-class, modern cloud-powered native applications, we can help. 


Our AppDev approach allows your organization to modernize how it architects, builds and delivers solutions, enabling you to create and ship great software, faster.


We help you develop an approach to modernize your legacy applications. Considering your time and budget constraints, we present options for re-architecting apps so they are modern and cloud compatible.

Our goal is a dramatic improvement to your apps’ look and feel, function, performance and nimbleness.

  • Legacy Application Rationalization
  • Application Remediation
  • Application and Data Modernization
  • Application Migration


Our team of builders can assist with all aspects of your software development needs.

We help you deliver code for:

  • Product Design
  • Full Stack Development
  • Cloud-Native Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Application Operations


Looking to upend your competition by doing something truly innovative with the applications you use to run your business or support your customers?

We can help you get it shipped:

  • Rapid Prototyping and Design
  • IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • VR/AR
  • Blockchain
  • Next Generation

Mitigate threat before it strikes. Address security vulnerabilities with our penetration testing services.

Client Story:

Improving Lives With VR App

People living with end-of-life care in assisted living facilities face more than physical health challenges. Anxiety and loneliness are also constant, unwanted companions.

In a groundbreaking pilot project, we build a virtual reality (VR) app for Florida’s Vista Springs Quail Highlands Assisted Living facility to deliver adjunctive distraction therapy for patients. Using a headset, they can escape into a curated, peaceful experience—while the Centric app gathers data on vital signs for healthcare workers.


Centric Construct is a design and delivery system crafted to build the software solutions you need.

DevOps FastForge Platform

Surviving today depends on your organization’s ability to deploy meaningful change in a repeatable, reliable and quick manner.

FastForge helps your development teams rapidly start building applications utilizing modern development practices.

Practices such as DevOps and Automated Testing are considered from the start, ensuring low-risk pushes to the production of your application code. FastForge connects Azure’s core components so you can respond to evolving business needs at cloud-powered speed.

How It Works

  • Configures Agile Project Management Tools to manage development efforts using Lean Agile Principles
  • Stands up core development infrastructure needed to support modern development best practices such as trunk-based development, modern modular architecture, containers/services, code scanning and more
  • Establishes seamless application deployment pipelines by standing up your DevOps build (CI) and deployment (CD) based on environment progression and blue-green production deployment strategies.
  • Prepares for ongoing Operations by configuring, alerting and monitoring in production environment
  • Gives the development team a head start by installing a customizable sample or Reference Application that illustrates desired architectural patterns, modern development practices, testing frameworks and more.

Whether you need to swap one component or many, we can work with you to design and implement a solution that fits your organization’s needs.


[On-Demand Webinar] Application Modernization: Be Ready When Shift Happens

Join Modern Software Delivery experts to learn best practices for cost optimization and accelerated app rationalization.

Client First Approach

Centric has been a pleasure to do business with. I continue to be impressed with the level of talent the Centric leadership team has brought to the project. Their ‘client first’ approach has brought a freshness to the experience which can be seen in every person on the team.

David O'Toole, Director of Strategic Program Operations, World Wide Technology

Interested in learning how we can help you build beautiful custom software that is scalable, modern and reliable?