Customer Experience Research & Discovery​

We bring to light the quantitative and qualitative data you need to make course corrections.


Modern instrumentation for a customer-centric focus​ using customer experience research and discovery​.

It’s hard to imagine piloting a plane, boat or car without proper instrumentation. Yet, so many businesses try to compete in a customer-centric world and operate with only rudimentary information. ​

The rules have changed, today’s businesses can’t simply be focused on beating their competition, binary business strategies that only focus on their competitive landscape will get passed by. Customers no longer compare you to just your competitors, but instead to other great experiences.

To remain competitive, businesses need more information to adjust their course. Most businesses already monitor cash flow, inventory tracking, sales pipeline and some may even monitor customer service.

But in today’s hyper-competitive world, businesses need current information about customer experience, customer trends, how and what they compare your product or service to, and how and where they research. Without instrumentation on these parameters, your business is flying blind.​

Centric Consulting’s customer experience (CX) experts have deep experience in helping clients create the customized gauges they need to navigate ever-changing conditions. Our combination of strength in business strategy, analytics and customer research can be the outsourced expertise you need to stay ahead of changing tides.

Our Research & Discovery Services

We can help you unlock the value of understanding your customer that reshapes your business strategy, creates a customer centric culture and creates products that drive marketing.​

Our Research & Insights Methods

It’s critical to put yourself in your customers’ shoes by understanding who they are and what they need. Our team of customer experience experts can help you perform customer understanding activities or build your internal capability for capturing and analyzing research, data, and insights.


Align Your Efforts to Ensure Success

Journey mapping isn’t just about the destination, it is all about the revelations that happen once you start the journey. We believe there should be a work in progress that focuses on rapid results over the finished product. Journey maps work better as a facilitation tool that enables change than as stale corporate artwork.

We can discover insights in just a few weeks that provide clarity, communication and become the catalyst for change.

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Using Customer Understanding to Create a Customer-Focused Transformation Effort

We helped a multi-million-dollar automated testing producer and designer glean valuable insights through the development of a customer understanding capability.

After conducting 60 English-language interviews to gather insights about what every step of their purchasing journey — from sales to delivery — we conducted a detailed analysis and synthesized the results to capture the voice of the customer (VoC), putting customers truly at the center of everything the business does.



[On-Demand Webinar] Customer-Centricity: Evaluate Your Perception vs. Their Reality

Our Customer Experience Experts explain what being customer-centric truly means and how to use the right customer insights to help your business thrive.

We love our clients.

Remaining competitive requires a customer-centric focus. Our experts help you reignite progress and offer new insights to old problems.