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We continuously lead networking groups, attend social events, and when it makes sense, make formal or informal one-on-one introductions because we believe in the power of connecting people.

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Our Accolades

How is the insurance industry approaching enterprise integration?

Our experts discuss why insurance companies can’t have siloed approaches to their digital, CRM and core approaches.


Creating Modern User Experiences for Insurance Agents, Policyholders and Prospects

Our client, CompSource Mutual Insurance Company, recognized to continue serving its customers and agents at the highest level, it needed to modernize and upgrade its digital experience.

Our use of in-depth customer interviews and journey mapping helped gain insights into customer behavior and delivered a roadmap allowing CompSource Mutual to build its solution based on objective data to deliver what users need.


Our Entire Team Was Impressed

Our strategic engagement with Centric went very well. The team worked hand-in-hand with us in a very methodical and organized way. They were able to produce a detailed and accurate strategic roadmap and backlog for a brand-new product idea. We were impressed with the caliber of the consultants and had confidence in both the team and the project.

It was amazing to see a team of professionals come together to deliver a great product. Our entire team was impressed.

Matthew Conley, CIO, Assurant Health Technologies

Diversity and Community

Collectively, we try to make a difference in our community. All our Miami team members contribute time and talents outside of work. Each quarter we focus on a different charitable organization.

We value diversity in thoughts, clients and employees because we know that diversity enables better solutions. We try to make the world a better place for our clients and in our community.


What Is Modern Software Delivery? Software Delivery at Speed and Scale

What happens if you don’t prioritize keeping pace with technology advancements? In our white paper, we discuss how modern software delivery came about, what it looks like today and how it can impact your business.

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