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Strategy Alignment and Architecture

We help you embed strategy in everything you do.


Align and architect your business strategy for success.

Business is overrun by buzzwords: consumer loyalty, value propositions, competitor benchmarks, market disruptors, growth opportunities, enterprise resources, thought leadership, paradigm shifts, decision intelligence, predictive analytics, core competencies, best practices, and key performance indicators.

But these important concepts represent some of the continuously changing variables requiring your business’s rapid response. Your challenge is sifting through the jargon—and all the information behind the jargon—to develop an actionable plan for success.

Yes, you can design your business’s success amidst ever-evolving circumstances in technology, economy and culture, and we can help. In partnership with us, you will architect from the outside in, align from the inside out, and design your business for agility and sustainability.

Our StratATecture approach synchronizes and stabilizes your business by integrating your strategic intent with your operating model to drive for bigger and better outcomes.

Learn how we can work together to embed strategy in everything you do.

Our Strategy Alignment and Architecture Services

Unsure of your customer’s needs or wants? Unsure of your competitors’ strengths or weaknesses? Slow to capitalize on opportunities? Worried about mitigating risks?

Together, we examine the current market forces, stakeholder demands, operating capabilities and strategic challenges that make up your business’s current state so you can begin to rapidly respond to the constantly changing ecosystem surrounding your business.

Check your business’s actual current state, your “now,” with Enterprise Discovery.


Centered On You

Your work with us will be tailored especially for your business, big or small, established or startup, traditional or entrepreneurial. Whatever your strategic or operational challenge, be it general or specific, we will engage our collective expertise to guide you.

Together, we will find data and form insights to discover your competitive advantage, develop your strategic intent, and design your path to success.

Connect with us to learn how our strategy alignment and architecture team—along with our digital, operations, and technology partners—can customize StratATecture for your business.


Holistic Agile Solutions

When you combine all of the elements of operational excellence —from people and processes to technology and metrics—you’ll find yourself with a holistic solution that requires an agile mindset toward business transformation.

Darren Rehrer, National Strategy Alignment and Architecture Practice Lead, Centric Consulting


From Out-of-Sync to In Alignment

Deb Peluso, National Strategy Alignment and Architecture Practice Lead, shares how business leaders and change agents can intentionally design organizations for optimal results.

Learn what “alignment” is, why your business needs it, and how to align from both the outside in and the inside out.

Plus, get a peek at Centric’s Organization Alignment Framework, our diagnostic and prescriptive guide to align your strategy and architect your operation for peak performance.

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Success by Design

A clear understanding of your business’s current state—your “now”—requires not only keen awareness of market forces and stakeholder demands but also a candid assessment of operating capabilities and strategic challenges.

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Agility is Crucial for Navigating What’s Next

Is your organization able to keep pace with constant change so it can not only survive, but also thrive?

We’ll help you reframe business transformation as an agile and advantageous process in this on-demand webinar.


Building Agility Begins with Culture

Is your organization equipped to respond to changing business dynamics in a flexible, adaptive and rapid manner?

Learn what we mean by “business agility” and how to build a “culture of agility” in this on-demand webinar.


Keep Pace with Rapid Change

Business evolution isn’t a one-and-done task. Today’s transformations must occur in an agile, iterative way, which means changing everything from how your employees think to how your company delivers to its customers.

Find out how to build business agility across your organization in this free ebook.


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