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Unlock the value hidden in your data with Machine Learning and Data Science.


What is Machine Learning?

Data Science uses the power of modern computing platforms to explore the data around us to find new patterns that help us make more effective business decisions. Machine Learning is the most advanced set of pattern-recognition tools and techniques in Data Science. Machine Learning can find patterns that are so subtle or complex that they would be invisible to humans, then turn them into something we can act upon.

Machine Learning can help you gain an advantage over the competition by unlocking the value of data in your organization.

Machine Learning - Insurance Decisions

For Insurance

Insurance is all about managing risk. Successful competition in insurance is about understanding risk better and faster. How does your company fare?

  • Automated underwriting
  • Weather & catastrophe impact forecasting
  • Minimum reserve forecasting
  • Subrogation recommendation

Machine Learning in Healthcare Decisions

For Healthcare

In Healthcare your mission is to improve people’s lives amidst constant pressure to perform: financially, organizationally, clinically. How can you stretch your precious resources to help the most people?

  • Automated medical coding
  • Community need forecasting
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Staff satisfaction alerts

Machine Learning in Financial Services Decisions

For Financial Services

You don’t just deal with complex markets, your financial services support complex people through important decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. How can you be the best steward for your customers?

  • Automating risk management
  • Personalizing investor interactions
  • Fraud detection, internal & external

Machine Learning in Energy & Utilities Decisions

For Energy & Utilities

In the Energy and Utilities industries, everyone depends on you to deliver safely, reliably, and cheaply. That isn’t easy when you’re managing a huge physical infrastructure that’s stressed every time the weather changes. How can you optimize your environment to make that easier?

  • Equipment failure risk forecasting
  • Repair part stock optimization
  • Influencing payment behavior
  • Smart energy management

[On-Demand Webinar] Machine Learning: 6 Challenges MLOps Can Solve

Your business case is clear, you have the right talent, and you have developed top-notch models, so why isn’t machine learning getting enough traction at your company? Our data and analytics experts share six challenges that derail the productivity of your machine learning initiatives and why applying MLOps can help solve them.

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Machine Learning and Data Science can give you data-driven insights to help you help you make effective, timely decisions across all aspects of your business

Machine Learning - Strategy & Product Decisions

Strategy & Product

  • Data driven customer segmentation
  • Identifying regions with strong need for product
  • Fraud detection
  • Automated discovery for litigation

Machine Learning - Sales & Marketing Decisions

Marketing & Sales

  • Determining the most effective ad to present to each viewer
  • Identifying sales leads who are both likely to buy and stay
  • Alerting social media team about positive/negative post

Machine Learning - Customer Journey Decisions

Customer Journey

  • Identifying customers who are likely to leave
  • Tailoring billing messages to improve payment behavior
  • Routing chat sessions and phone calls to the right expert the first time

Machine Learning - Talent Management Decisions

Talent Management

  • Filtering candidates to good fit on skills and culture
  • Identifying employees at risk of leaving
  • Workforce demand forecasting

Machine Learning - Operations Decisions


  • Identifying processes which have the strongest positive/negative impact on customers
  • Testing proposed changes to validate & quantify results
  • Automating approvals for common requests

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