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Microsoft Copilot: Stop Flying Solo With Your Microsoft Stack

Microsoft Copilot uses the same large language model as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but it’s trained to function across all Microsoft products.

Why Telemetry Is the Big Data Catalyst Your Business Needs to Thrive

The ability to collect, analyze and derive meaning from data can drive sustainable growth within your organization. Telemetry can help.

A Comprehensive Comparison: Chatbots from OpenAI vs. Microsoft

AI Chatbots are gaining popularity for their ability to provide personalized customer experiences through natural conversations.

11 Business Assessment Questions to Build Company Resilience

Is your business ready to weather the challenges presented by today’s macroeconomic environment? Assessing your business and operating models can help.

How Do Microsoft AI Cloud Partners Stack Up to Microsoft Gold Partners?

The Microsoft Gold Partner program is now the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program. We discuss changes and benefits of working with a partner.

Business Process Improvement Through the Lens of ‘Atomic Habits’

We discuss how to apply an atomic habit mindset to four common business process improvement approaches to achieve optimized performance.

Essential Tips For Navigating the “Messy Middle” Of Hybrid Work

In this segment of “Office Optional with Larry English,” Larry shares how to figure out the complexities of hybrid work.

Important Snowflake Updates: A Look at Dynamic Tables and More

In our blog, we delve the lastest Snowflake updates, including new tables, and we explain how they can simplify daily data management.

People: The Foundation of Your Company, Culture and Process Excellence Programs

An organization is about the people who make it all work. They're the foundation of your company, culture and process excellence programs.

We’re Your Problem Solvers

All business and technology consultants are problem solvers, but not all consultants tailor solutions just for you.

Blog Series: Dynamics CRM Never Stops Evolving

This blog series shows how Dynamics CRM can grow with your business while consistently delivering results.

10 Things to Look for in a Mature Penetration Test

Not all penetration tests are created equal. This blog lists 10 things to ensure you get the mature penetration test you paid for.