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Modern technology can revolutionize the value of your data without breaking the bank.

No one wants technology for technology’s sake. Modern data platforms allow you to accelerate the return on your data investment. 

The speed to deliver insight goes through the roof.Ingestion is faster and easier. ETL failures are reduced or eliminated so you can sleep better at night.

“Modern” doesn’t mean “break the bank”. You don’t have to be a large enterprise to experience the benefits.  Public and private cloud solutions allow you to scale based on your company’s data management needs. Whether you need a data lake, data warehouse, data catalog, master data management, artificial intelligence or enterprise visualization, Centric brings a team with real-world experience. We’ll help the furthest reaches of your business access data for automation, analysis and insights. 

Are You Ready To Go Deeper Into Modern Data Platforms?

Wouldn’t life be simpler if you could access all your data from one place?  Start using a Data Lake for secure storage and management of your operational system data.

With modern technologies like Spark and DeltaLake, you can provide an up-to-date version of your data for data scientists, analysts, and engineers.

Your Data Lake will be the key to realizing machine learning, process automation, data warehousing, real-time analytics, visualization and more.

Our Data Experience

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Our Data Modernization Offerings

Our Insurance Analytics Platform is a pre-engineered analytics solution that powers business insights that drive premium growth, retention and improved operational efficiency.

The platform supports our comprehensive Insurance Value Chain, which ties performance metrics to functional areas of your business.

This solution also contains industry-specific data models, use cases, business glossaries and dashboards designed to give your operations a jump start on data-driven decision-making.

We’ll incorporate your enterprise data into a Modern Data Platform, enabling business intelligence, predictive analytics, scalability and extensibility.

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The ChatGPT & AI Revolution: An Executive’s Guide

Need help determining how ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence should fit in your organization? Make sure you aren’t left behind as companies across the globe continue to embrace these productivity enhancing technologies.

In this on-demand webinar, our Artificial Intelligence expert provides an executive’s guide to what leaders need to know about adopting ChatGPT and AI in the workplace.



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Our Data & Analytics leaders can help bring your organization into a data-driven future to support your evolving business needs.