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We help you improve operations to drive business value and competitive advantage.


Evolve from zero to hero.

We all know a “zero to hero” story. The odds are stacked against a character, their mentor challenges them to learn valuable lessons, then they use these lessons to enhance life for themselves and those around them.

Look at your business’s operational excellence journey as one of these stories. The odds might be stacked against your operations by complicated processes, confusing information, unreliable technology or unremarkable performance.

There are lessons for your business to learn, like how to work consistently, adapt rapidly, progress steadily and grow sustainably. As your business learns these lessons, you not only improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, but also drive business value and competitive advantage.

If your business’s “zero to hero” story is missing a mentor, we can help. Our Business Process Improvement (BPI), Operational Assessment and Roadmap, Enterprise Automation, Business Process Management (BPM), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Supply Chain Operations experts will work with you to implement immediate operational improvements and enable enduring operational excellence.  

Together, we’ll take a holistic approach to the people, processes, technology and information of your business’s operations so you can become an efficiency and effectiveness hero.

Our Operational Excellence Services

Whether your business is targeting one operations problem or operations across the enterprise, we can help you assess processes and measure performance to:

  • Identify pain points and their root causes
  • Prioritize high-impact, high-value improvement opportunities
  • Implement controls that mitigate risk and maximize reward
  • Develop an actionable plan to begin improvements immediately and continue improvements going forward

Using BPI methodologies like Lean and Six Sigma, we can get you on a fast path to Operational Excellence.


Centered On You

Our Business Consulting Services are structured to address your end-to-end business needs. We provide comprehensive support for your business across strategy, operations and culture.

Together with our Strategy Alignment and Architecture, Enterprise Portfolio and Program Management, People and Change, and Technology Services partners, our Operational Excellence team uses data to form insights that help you optimize business processes.

Your work with us will be tailored especially for your business. Whatever your business’s challenge, we will engage our collective expertise to guide you.

Connect with us to learn how we can help you focus on continuous improvement and drive competitive advantage.


Our Actual Client Results

Reduction in account opening time – banking client
Reduction in cost per transaction – insurance client
Operations savings in first year – oil and gas client
Average production increase per shift – manufacturing client

Client Stories

We scale our offerings to meet your needs. Our teams have partnered with companies to achieve operational excellence and drive business value through:

Hit the Ground Running

Centric’s consultants came in and hit the ground running. They helped us get our decentralized organization aligned quickly to execute the assessment process. In four and a half weeks, we had recommendations and a roadmap that was supported by the organization and ready for implementation.

Vice President of Client Services, Pharmacy Services National Leader


Business Process Improvement Through the Lens of ‘Atomic Habits’

When organizations adopt the atomic habit mindset and witness its cumulative impact, they set a powerful force in motion: the perpetual drive for improvement.

Each change, no matter how small, keeps your organization on a trajectory of constant enhancement and a journey toward excellence.


What’s Your Enterprise Automation Maturity?

Wondering how effective your automation program is and what your next steps should be?

Download the self-assessment to learn how blending Robotic Process Automation with Business Process Management and Artificial Intelligence can transform how your business operates for the better.


7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Supply Chain and Make Clients Happy

When businesses talk about improving their supply chain, most of the focus goes to cutting costs, saving time and increasing profits. But what about your customers?

Your supply chain plays a critical role in delivering the right product to the right client at the right time in the right condition.


Bust the Myths Surrounding Process Excellence

Leading with process provides clarity when change creates uncertainty. Organizations that holistically reimagine business processes stay ahead of their competition and drive desired outcomes.

Our webinar series debunks common myths that can hamper process improvement efforts.


Take a holistic approach to the processes and information of your business’s operations so you can become an efficiency and effectiveness hero.

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