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Learn how NetSuite can benefit your organization – and partner with us for a fast, agile approach to your ERP implementation.


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Many companies are struggling with disparate and outdated enterprise resource systems.

These outdated systems create extra work for employees, making it hard for your team to do their job effectively because it’s difficult to scale your business without scaling the workforce.

It’s not just your employees that are struggling, but your customers are too.

When your current technology is not keeping pace with changing business environments and systems are down because technology is no longer supported, it is difficult to provide the service level your customers expect. It can also cause you to lose business.

Organizations that continue to be successful are turning to Oracle NetSuite as their cloud ERP solution.

NetSuite solves all those challenges and more. A scalable solution, it prepares you for the future.

Learn More about our approach to Netsuite SuiteSuccess.

Your NetSuite Consulting Services Partner

As a SuiteSuccess Certified Partner, our team knows NetSuite.

We also understand your unique needs and challenges – whether a small or medium-sized business, privately owned or non-profit organization – and work to find the answer for your specific needs and business goals.

Together we work to optimize your resources on a project, reduce the overall impact to the organization during implementation, and prepare you to adopt and own the solution going forward. Our goal is to implement a solution that not only solves your current challenges, but also prepares you for the future.

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We Are Experts in NetSuite Implementation & Integration

As your NetSuite implementation partner, Centric works with you to implement the NetSuite components your business needs now, with the option to activate additional services in the future. Our consultants can assist with all your NetSuite implementation needs including:

  • Full Implementation
  • Project Recovery
  • Re-Implementation
  • Version Upgrades
  • Custom Integrations

How Do We Make SuiteSuccess Our Own at Centric?

Watch to learn more about Centric’s approach to NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess from Centric’s NetSuite Practice Lead Kevin Corder.

We know what it takes to drive the most value from your NetSuite investment

Implementing a fully integrated cloud ERP solution provides better value now and ensures you are ready for the future by providing your organization with:

  • The tools to effectively manage new solutions
  • More time to make better business decisions 
  • Faster accounting close cycles and less technology friction
  • A fully integrated platform with one single source of truth

A NetSuite implementation will eliminate your continued struggle with end of life applications that have frequent down times and systems that are out of support.


Back2Back Netsuite Implementation

Hear from Beth Guckenberger, founder of Back2Back Ministries, about partnering with Centric to successfully implement Netsuite to manage their Cloud ERP and 30,000+ relationships.


Our expertise in Oracle and Microsoft ERP is complemented by our world-class industry, business, and IT solutions.

Advisory Services

Our experienced professionals will work with you to get answers to complex business and technology problems.

Our advisory services include:

Implementation Services

We recognize that ERP projects are business projects, not just technology projects. Enterprise solution projects fail when change management is not incorporated into these transformational initiatives.

The result is a lack of adoption and low ROI. Technology enables change, so the real benefit is the business value derived from such changes.

We can help implement:

Supplemental Staffing

We provide supplemental staffing on projects, architecture advice, and experienced project management assistance to help ensure that projects stay on track.

We have experienced professionals who can help with your mission critical projects by filling key roles including:

  • Program and Project Managers
  • Application Architects
  • Functional Analysts
  • Developers and Database Administrators

Technical Services

Our ERP technologists are confronted with tricky situations because companies sometimes under-invest in the care and feeding of infrastructure and databases.

Our team is well-versed in how to diagnose the operating system quickly for database or integration service issues, lay out a realistic game plan to get systems back online, and then implement those solutions.

  • Patching and Release Management
  • Operating System Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Technical Troubleshooting

Take an agile approach to your NetSuite implementation.