Data Governance

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A successful data governance framework depends on a key component: Data Management.

With the proper knowledge and steps to execute data management properly, organizations can unleash their data analytics powers optimizing their decision-making skills.

Understanding whether or not your data meets compliance standards is an essential first step in data governance. This means that a well-designed data governance framework requires leaders to determine what data management practices, tools and technologies they will use to develop action plans that meet their business goals.

Once defined, the data governance framework will embed a set of policies and procedures that allows for effective management of data at the organizational level.

Our Data Governance Services

The best way to start your data governance initiative is to apply a data maturity model, the benchmark upon which you can review your current IT landscape.

Evaluate how well you manage your data against your people, processes, or technology (or all three combined) and compare your current state to your desired state, which aligns with your company’s goals and mission.

Once you understand where you are today, you will have a clearer picture of the policies you must implement to become a more data-driven company.


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Data Governance: How to Succeed and Where to Start

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Are You Ready to go Deeper Into Data Governance?

Data governance allows for better, cleaner data, which means better analytics, better business decisions, and ultimately better business results.

Eliminate re-work by having data assets that are trusted, standardized, and multipurpose.


Creating a Better Data Governance Process

Our client, a networking and security company, needed a better data governance process to prioritize the management of reports and remediation of production data issues.

Though the client had no standard data architecture in place, our data governance experts conducted a data usability and security discovery to understand IT and business operations. As a result, we created new strategies to maximize the value of business intelligence and a data governance roadmap to understand the future vision of master data management and strategies.

Our client can now grow in three areas: people, processes and technology. As a result, new roles and responsibilities were establishedprocesses were defined to help better manage business reporting divisions, and a data lake and warehouse were established with BI tools to store structured and unstructured data.



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Delivering Value From Start To Finish

Our consultants focus on data governance goals, including risk mitigation, internal and external data use procedures, and compliance rules, and assist in disaster recovery planning.

Data governance consultants at Centric implement robust structures to protect and regulate the use of data.

Their proven framework considers data architecture, data design and modeling, data security, data storage and operations, data warehousing, business intelligence, and data quality.

This framework delivers a data governance plan that informs the wrangling, management, archiving, and use of your data assets.


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