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People & Change Consulting

Together we can empower and enable your organization to lead and thrive in today’s market of constant disruption.

People & Change Consulting Services

Here’s how we can help your organization with the people-side of change:

Organizational Change Management

We work with you to build an integrated, agile change strategy that addresses your most challenging organization and program initiatives.

Organizational Design


We will assess your business need and develop organizational strategies, designs and structures to enable your business initiatives.

Leader, Culture and Team Effectiveness

We help you shape your culture, shift mindsets and build highly effective leaders and teams where people thrive.

Enterprise Change Management

We help you build and improve change capabilities to support your transformation journey, align leaders and engage people at multiple levels.

Organizational Communications

We partner with you to assess, build and maximize your leadership and organizational communication efforts to shape culture, impact change and help you better inform, inspire and involve employees.

Rethinking Business Transformation: Foster Business Agility Within Your Culture’s DNA

As organizations continue to evolve, leaders must encourage and prepare their teams to adapt and transform the way they work in real time. To do so, you need a culture of agility, which ensures teams can embrace business transformations in real time.


Why partner with us?

We understand there is no one way to design an effective people and change strategy. It has to fit your company culture, match your values, and integrate with your long-term strategic goals. Every organization has unique transformation needs that require a partner to meet those challenges.

That’s why we work together to develop the right solution for you, which includes:

Your People

We know most changes require complex people solutions that incorporate and consider leading-edge change management, organizational design, business process, project management, talent development and technology to create the right solution for you.

Success Metrics

We make sure your business needs will be met by developing key success metrics and measuring these throughout your project’s lifecycle. This way you know if we are successful and where the challenges lie every step of the way.

Unique Needs

We will meet you where you are at and craft the right people solution based on your organization’s change maturity, budget, and desired outcome.

Lasting Value

We dive in to provide the greatest value for your organization regardless of the team. We will mentor and guide your internal team to develop key skills and support other vendors in the process to provide an unmatched experience.


People Transformation

To create change that lasts, you have to transform how your organization engages leaders and employees. You have to encourage people to think and act differently. You have to get everybody excited about change.

That requires having crucial conversations, involving people in the process, and implementing new practices.

Transformation Solutions of All Types

Our teams have supported people transformation solutions for all these needs:

Blended Well With Our Experts

Centric resources were able to quickly assess our needs for an in-flight technology implementation and immediately add value to our program – spanning areas such as requirements definition to training. The resources worked well with a mix of internal stakeholders, project sponsors and technology experts to support an aggressive implementation timeline. Centric’s knowledge of the technology platform was crucial in their ability to drive us to a successful launch.

Sheryl Markov, SVP, Head of Marketing Operations, Northern Trust

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