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Using AIML to Improve Life Insurance and Annuity Processes

We discuss the effects of COVID on the life insurance and annuity industry and provide a solution to improve processes using AIML.

CIO Priorities: Looking Towards the Future

We share perspectives from our latest CIO peer group meet-up, where we discussed how recession planning, talent retention and data governance.

How to Achieve Process Standardization in Manufacturing

Manufacturing process standardization can help improve employee recruitment, retention and satisfaction in your company.

20 Terms You Must Master to End Automation Confusion

The RPA market alone is expected to grow by more than 30 percent by 2030. But with all the automation terminology and abbreviations, where do you start?

Cloud Strategy: Today’s Top Enterprise Data Strategy Trend

A cloud strategy is today’s top enterprise data strategy trend. We explain what it is, why it’s important and how to implement it.

How to Optimize Your Automation Program

We walk through how to optimize your automation program on an organization, operations and enablement level in this blog.

Cloud FinOps: Aligning Cloud Adoption with a FinOps First Mentality

As we kick off our FinOps blog series, we give a high-level overview of the four primary areas of cloud transformation cost optimization.

Why You Need an IT Strategy

In this blog, we share the key components of an IT strategy and why IT organizations need a strong, effective and understandable one.

I Experimented With Virtual Reality. Here’s What Leaders Need to Know.

In this segment of “Office Optional with Larry English,” Larry shares his experience with virtual reality in the business world.

Why Executing on IT Strategy Should Be a CIO’s Priority in 2023

Executing on your IT strategy needs to be a CIO priority in 2023. One way to make sure you can do this successfully – get back to the basics.

Establish a Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence

Learn how to establish an RPA center of excellence that is sustainable, maintainable and will improve IT processes.

Refocus on RPA Support and Maintenance to Avoid a Bot Project Breakdown

RPA can speed processes, improve quality, make customers happier and free up employees if you prioritize support and maintenance.