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Hybrid B2B Sales Will Be the Norm By 2024. How to Embrace the Future of Sales Now

In this segment of “Office Optional with Larry English,” Larry discusses the future of hybrid B2B sales and how you can prepare.

Effective Change Leadership: Three Keys for Successful Change Communication

Effective change leadership is an important skill set. We share a few points to remember to help your next change communication go smoothly.

Proximity Bias is Inevitable: Four Actions Associates Should Take to Handle It

Imagine missing out on a promotion simply because you work remote. In this blog, we share four ways to help prevent proximity bias.

Snowflake Security and Data Privacy: Identifying, Organizing and Isolating Data

Snowflake security and data privacy are important for organizations to maintain when using the fast and easy-to-use cloud database.

Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers: Innovate Your Manufacturing Processes

As we continue to refine manufacturing processes, using Microsoft Teams allows us to reimagine the efficiencies of the frontline worker.

Blog Series: Achieving Customer Understanding and Empathy

Our customer understanding and empathy series walks you through the strategies and tools you need to successfully reach your customers.

Use Customer Understanding Techniques to Design Optimal Processes

Some of the customer understanding techniques you use for customer experience (CX) design can also be used for process design.

How To Create a File Field in Dynamics 365 Model Driven Apps

Enhance your Dynamics 365 system by adding file fields directly to a record to manage individual documents and files.

How Zero-Trust Architecture Protects Physical IT Infrastructure, Too

The same Zero-Trust tools that protect your digital assets also protect your physical IT Infrastructure as well as your people.

BPM and RPA: 3 Things Software Vendors Won’t Tell You Webinar Recap

In our recent webinar, our enterprise automation experts talked about how combining RPA and BPM software engines can help your organization.

Proximity Bias in Leadership: Four Actions to Avoid Bias

In this blog, we share four tips for leaders to overcome a new challenge for remote and hybrid leaders and workers – proximity bias.

Five Ways to Prepare for Dreamforce 2022

As we prepare to head to Dreamforce 2022, we look at a few tips and tricks to make your experience seamless and memorable.