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Understand and Comply With Cybersecurity Standards to Protect Your Business

We share steps for achieving compliance with cybersecurity standards and the benefits of safeguarding your operations against cyber threats.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Master Your Microsoft 365 Migration

We share a guide to a successful Microsoft 365 migration, including the decisions, strategy, and adoption aspects.

Your Business Needs Responsible AI By Design Now. Here’s How to Get Started

In this segment of “Office Optional with Larry English,” Larry share five action items for how to set your business up to use AI responsibly.

Why Are Senior Leaders Hesitant To Adopt AI? Addressing AI Challenges and Concerns

We share key reasons behind senior leaders' hesitancy toward AI adoption and offer insight into common AI challenges.

Embrace the Power of Generative AI in Marketing: A Salesforce Example

Enabling the generative AI tools within your existing marketing tech (martech) stack might be more effective than purchasing new products.

How to Read a Penetration Testing Report

We lay out a step-by-step approach about how to read a penetration testing report to help to you mitigate security vulnerabilities.

As Deepfake Dangers Evolve, Business Leaders Are The Top Line Of Defense

In this segment of Joseph Ours' Forbes Technology Council column, he discusses why business leaders need to be aware of deepfake technology.

How to Streamline Your Cloud Deployment with AWS GovCloud

Discover how AWS GovCloud streamlines cloud deployment for government and business operations, ensuring security, compliance and scalability.

Exploring Snowflake Iceberg: A Revolutionary Approach to Data Storage

Snowflake Iceberg enables cost-effective data storage in open formats on cloud platforms. We explain in this blog.

5 Keys To Building Trustworthy AI And Closing The Trust Gap With Employees

In this segment of “Office Optional with Larry English,” Larry discusses five important way to build trustworthy artificial intelligence.

How to Revolutionize Enterprise Growth with AI Innovation

The transformative power of AI innovation in driving enterprise growth. We explore how advancements AI can revolutionize business operations.

6 Tips to Simplify Tech Jargon for a Better Data and Analytics Strategy

We share pro tips and proven tactics to help you reach a shared understanding — and build a successful data and analytics strategy.