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We combine strategic insights with highly-skilled, hands-on ERP resources.


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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provide a real-time, actionable view of your organization across accounting, supply chain, human resources and manufacturing.

It is no secret that, more often than not, companies struggle to achieve the business benefits they expect from an ERP investment.

Successfully implementing and supporting an ERP solution requires synergy between business and IT. To realize a return on investment (ROI), you need a team that combines enterprise resource planning software skills and deep business experience. Our team can help.

Whether you’re moving to the Cloud or interested in a first-time implementation, we can work with you to determine the right path forward for your enterprise.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

When it comes to ERP software, there are multiple options to choose from. We can help you determine which is right for you.

Microsoft D365

We are plugged into a vast suite of resources available for Microsoft Dynamics.


As a SuiteSuccess Certified Partner, we can help you find the right industry solutions and accelerators.


Our Oracle National Practice has been helping clients strategize, implement and manage Oracle solutions since 2002.


Our Right Site Delivery Model

Our highly flexible consulting delivery solution minimizes risk and optimizes output and value.

We assemble the best talent from across the United States and India, but with a local point of contact to provide senior expertise on the right solutions, at the right time, and in the right place.



Our expertise in Oracle and Microsoft ERP is complemented by our world-class industry, business, and IT solutions.

Advisory Services

Our experienced professionals will work with you to get answers to complex business and technology problems.

Our advisory services include:

Implementation Services

We recognize that ERP projects are business projects, not just technology projects. Enterprise solution projects fail when change management is not incorporated into these transformational initiatives.

The result is a lack of adoption and low ROI. Technology enables change, so the real benefit is the business value derived from such changes.

We can help implement:

Supplemental Staffing

We provide supplemental staffing on projects, architecture advice, and experienced project management assistance to help ensure that projects stay on track.

We have experienced professionals who can help with your mission critical projects by filling key roles including:

  • Program and Project Managers
  • Application Architects
  • Functional Analysts
  • Developers and Database Administrators

Technical Services

Our ERP technologists are confronted with tricky situations because companies sometimes under-invest in the care and feeding of infrastructure and databases.

Our team is well-versed in how to diagnose the operating system quickly for database or integration service issues, lay out a realistic game plan to get systems back online, and then implement those solutions.

  • Patching and Release Management
  • Operating System Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Technical Troubleshooting


Microsoft Dynamics 365: Gain Better Insights From Your CRM

You have customer data in your CRM. Now what?

Our customer experience, data analytics and Microsoft experts explain how optimizing your use of D365 can help you predict future customer behaviors, drive sales and improve your organization’s customer-centricity.


Navigate What’s Next With Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Oracle, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support 

Do you have questions about strategy, functionality, features that support remote workforces or even problems or bugs with your current deployments?

Our desire is to lend a hand as our work patterns and locations shift, so we can offer guidance and answer all your burning questions.

Remote Work Force Enablement for ERP Systems

You need to quickly enable your existing systems to take advantage of cloud hosting, remote access, robotic process automation (RPA), ecommerce and payment enablement.

We can provide a no-cost assessment based on Oracle, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Remote Workflow Enablement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite ERP

Need to design and deploy workflows and approval queues compatible with your dispersed workforces — fast?

Our team can revise your processes around approvals, quotes, invoices, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, signatures and other manual controls that have been previously implemented.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Coordination and Automation of Emergency Response

You need solutions that are built to deal with current and future crisis environments.

We are plugged into the vast suite of applications built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, so we can identify low-cost answers to your organization’s needs.

Blended Well With Our Experts

Centric resources were able to quickly assess our needs for an in-flight technology implementation and immediately add value to our program – spanning areas such as requirements definition to training. The resources worked well with a mix of internal stakeholders, project sponsors and technology experts to support an aggressive implementation timeline. Centric’s knowledge of the technology platform was crucial in their ability to drive us to a successful launch.

Sheryl Markov, SVP, Head of Marketing Operations, Northern Trust

Want to learn more about how we combine business and IT for successful ERP solutions?