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Public Sector Consulting Services


Our Government and Public Sector team brings the solutions, people, and technology to help fulfill your mission.

We have deep knowledge at Federal, State, and local levels, and across many business lines including: healthcare, retirement systems, federal banking, smart cities, education, and more.

Let’s get to work together on designing, delivering and running the next generation of government today.

You can count on us to help you solve your toughest challenges at the heart of the nation’s priorities with wide-ranging missions across education, healthcare, transportation, financial institutions, and more.

Learn how we helped a large federal bank and the State of Florida solve some of their biggest business challenges.


Microsoft Teams Services

To ensure minimal business disruption to your organization as you determine your return to office strategy, it is critical to provide flexible work locations and tools so your team can safely continue serving client needs.

We have a Microsoft Advanced Specialization in Teamwork Deployment.

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Office 365 Analytics & Teams Monitoring

Teams Support Services

Public Sector Consulting Services

Here are some of the federal services we offer:

Cloud Services

We help agencies plan for, migrate to and optimize within commercial, government-approved, cloud environments, such as AWS GovCloud and Microsoft Azure Government.

DevOps Services

We help agencies plan for, implement and mature their use of DevOps principles, practices, and tools using government-approved commercial and open source tools.

Our approach focuses on helping agencies achieve high delivery velocity through the appropriate application of DevOps automation tools coupled with sound engineering practices. Our services include assessments, tool selection, implementation, and governance.

Agile Services

We help agencies implement and scale their agile development practices. Our agile services include maturity assessment and transformation roadmap development, targeted training, agile coaching, and how to manage multiple agile teams concurrently (agile at scale).

CRM and ERP Services

We specialize in delivering government implementation and support. Our team understands public sector requirements and provides Microsoft Dynamics D365, Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, NetSuite and Salesforce solutions.

Data & Analytics Services

We can rapidly design and implement best-practice data solutions for your agency. Our expertise covers a wide range of technologies and platforms including Azure Government and AWS GovCloud solutions, data visualization and machine learning / AI. We engineer for security and data privacy in accordance with local, state and federal policies.

Robotic Process Automation Services

We assist with RPA adoption to help agencies re-focus their efforts on top priorities instead of dealing with administrative minutiae. Automation can save government hours, reduce costs, enhance employee satisfaction, streamline processes, and improve citizen interaction.

Operational and Process Excellence Services

We help build an operational foundation that drives sustainable results across government agencies. We focus on improving operational performance to create comprehensive solutions around our core offerings of: Process & Capability Assessment, Business Process Improvement, Performance Measurement, Business Architecture, Process Automation, Enterprise OPEX Management.

Modern Workplace Services

We focus on how people work, and help them work more efficiently together using Enterprise productivity and collaboration solutions such as Microsoft 365.

Download an overview of our public sector services along with all of our NAICS, DUNS, and CAGE code here.


We also provide Public Sector Consulting Services in the following areas:

Microsoft Teams Support Services

You’ve onboarded Microsoft Teams to your organization, but do you have the appropriate post-adoption support system in place to handle the many inquiries from your end-users? Our Microsoft Teams Support Services can help you provide the guidance that your users need.

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