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Salesforce for Nonprofits

We partner with you to develop tailored solutions that create a 360-degree view of
your constituents, improve user experience, and drive the success of your mission.


Nonprofit organizations often face difficulties in maximizing the value of their Salesforce Nonprofit CRM and realizing all the benefits possible.

Nonprofits are challenged with obtaining an accurate 360-degree view of their constituents resulting in a lack of trust in the data, reduced user engagement, and disconnected or misaligned business processes. Additionally, the challenge of organizing data from multiple systems, performing any necessary data hygiene, and making that actionable and aligning with moves management or event campaign management poses challenges to the success of the organization’s mission.

Staff members and volunteers often struggle to navigate the platform and properly utilize vital patron information, leading to common pain points within the organization and impacting operations.

Our approach often begins with a holistic assessment of the current state of operations, including existing business process flows, user pain points, and the existing technology stack. This will define a tailored strategy for your Salesforce Nonprofit CRM solution and result in an engagement plan that will expedite your Nonprofit’s success based on your prioritized needs and goals.

By utilizing our flexible approach, we can efficiently reduce manual or fragmented processes and implement a strategic plan and effective path forward to your nonprofit’s sustainability.

Our Salesforce for Nonprofits Services

Our approach to evaluating Salesforce involves thoroughly examining your organization’s operations, constituent data, the existing state of your Salesforce NPSP processes, and the structure of your Salesforce org.

This comprehensive analysis encompasses all aspects from configuration to security and governance.

The outcome of this assessment is a detailed and actionable report that outlines enhancements for your Nonprofit CRM including recommendations for immediate improvements as well as longer-term solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your Nonprofit Salesforce solution.

Strategic Technology Planning and Optimization

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, we recognize that the key to your mission’s success lies in a tailored business process and technology strategy. By collaborating with key client stakeholders, we define the vision of success and create a roadmap for implementing technology that aligns with your defined factors for success.

We specialize in implementing and enhancing Salesforce for Nonprofit solutions, improving data quality, integration with other systems in your technology stack, and automating marketing and sales efforts. Our ultimate goal is to help you share your organization’s mission, as we believe it is the key to success.

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Our Salesforce Consulting Services

Realize the full value of Nonprofit Cloud by integrating it with other Salesforce products.

This will allow you to engage your contacts with meaningful & timely communications to increase pipeline, enable fundraising and sales teams with data and tools to close their deals, and nurture donors for long-term loyalty. 

Learn about our other Salesforce Consulting Services to unlock the potential of Nonprofit Cloud.

Our Salesforce Consulting Services


Gain an accurate 360-degree view of your constituents with our tailored solutions for your Salesforce for Nonprofit CRM.