Our Human Capital Management (HCM) technology solution services

Human Capital Management – Workforce Management

We help clients transform and manage their human capital technologies,
processes and operations for long-term success.


Human Capital Management (HCM) technology solutions can provide real-time operational insight across an organization’s human resources, workforce management and payroll.

However, companies often struggle to achieve the benefits they expect from large HCM investments.

To realize a return on investment (ROI), organizations need a team that combines Human Capital Management strategy, optimization, development, operations skills , and extensive business experience. Centric Consulting can help.

We successfully implement, optimize and support HCM solutions. Whether you are moving to the Cloud or interested in a first-time implementation, we work with you to determine the right path forward for your enterprise.

Human Capital Management (HCM) / Workforce Management (WFM) Technology​

When it comes to HCM technology, there are multiple options to choose from. We help clients determine the right solutions for their organization.


We have a vast array of Workday experiences. We help develop strategies, address client-side responsibilities and manage integrations.


As an Ultimate Kronos Group Advisory Partner, we help with client-side responsibilities, change management, adoption and cultural transitions.


Our HCM/WFM team develops roadmaps, manages implementations and optimizes operations.

Our Human Capital Management/Workforce Management Services

We help clients envision their organization’s strategies.

  • Current state assessments to understand gap between current state and desired future state
  • Alignment to future workforce needs and technology evolution, including key industry insights/research
  • Focus on impacts to employee experience and organizational culture
  • Policy development, optimization, standardization, harmonization and adoption

Our HCM/WFM Experience

end users trained using Microsoft Teams
of integrations managed

We work with you to determine the right path for your human capital management strategy, optimization and development.