Dave Rosevelt

Strategic Advisor and Founding CEO

Looking Back

Dave started his consulting career with Accenture in 1989, working on client projects across geographies and industries. Through his tenure at Accenture, Dave gained expertise in the unique challenges of energy and utility companies during the digital transformation happening at the time.

In 1999, Dave and Centric co-founder Eric Van Luven started Practical Solutions, Inc. (PSI), a consulting company focused on the energy and utilities industry. As PSI grew, Dave felt the company needed to diversify and provide services across industries and geographies. Dave and Eric partnered with Larry English to create Centric and bring this vision to life. In the early days, Dave, Eric and Larry would frequently meet and build plans for the company on an old couch. “The Couch” is a Centric moniker to this day (and is occasionally dragged out – in all its faded glory – to our company meetings).

Dave knew the irreplaceable value of having local teams who understand our clients’ people, companies and communities. Centric opened its first business unit in Columbus, Ohio, in 2001, officially starting the firm’s localized service model, enabling us to bring the best highly skilled experts from across the country to local markets. Under Dave’s leadership, we grew to 14 established business units in the US and abroad, with an office in India.

After 20 years together, Dave and fellow co-founders reflected on what it was like in the early days of the company and how it shaped the business for years to come. Listen here.

Dave Rosevelt

Balance is Everything

We started the company with the purpose of balancing work and life, focusing on client and employee happiness. I’m proud of what we built and the successes we had during my time, but that was just the start. The company’s emerging leaders will carry the mission forward.

Dave Rosevelt, Strategic Advisor and Founding CEO, Centric Consulting