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The Risks of Doing Hybrid Yourself

In this segment of “Office Optional with Larry English,” we discuss some of the risks companies face when attempting to do a hybrid work strategy alone.

New Year, New Strategic Imperatives

We look at ten helpful process tools imperatives to consider when establishing your strategic imperatives for 2022 and beyond.

Rethinking Leadership for the Remote and Hybrid Workplace

In this episode of our Biz and Tech Talks podcast, we’re talking about how leaders need to rethink how they lead in the remote and hybrid workplace.

Creating a Unified Dataverse Search Experience in Canvas Apps

We walk you through how to set up a Dataverse Search (formally Relevance Search) API and connect it to Canvas apps in this step-by-step blog.

Power Apps Tip: How to Print a Form in Power Apps

Printing in Power Apps used to require an extensive workaround, but now it's much easier. We walk through how to print and review the workaround.

Protect Your Microsoft 365 Digital Assets with a Zero-Trust Architecture

With today's cloud-based servers and applications, your single-factor “secure network” is not enough. You need a Zero-Trust mindset to protect your assets.

Having Trouble Embracing Remote Work? You Need to Overcome These 3 Limiting Beliefs

In this segment of “Office Optional with Larry English,” Larry shares three myths about remote work that might be keeping your company from thriving.

Creating a Robust IT Vendor Management Strategy

We cover the importance of an IT vendor management strategy to streamline processes, boost efficiencies, control costs and reduce risks inherent to IT.

Read Our Top Ten Blogs From 2021

Each year, we collect our top ten blogs to reflect on what we learned. Reread what you loved, catch up on what you missed, and move forward into 2022.

10 Organizational Change Management Principles to Remember

Our organizational change management checklist will help you make sure to hit the top ten leading principles throughout your change implementation.

Centric Consulting Helps AI Firm Restructure for Growth

We help a global startup alleviate growing pains by setting them up with a Business Anywhere framework.

The Important Coexistence of Strategy and Operational Excellence

We discuss how prioritizing business strategy and operational excellence together can help your organization thrive amid innovation and disruption.