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Microsoft & Office 365 Security and Compliance

We align your organizational business goals with a structured
security governance plan that allows for safer growth.


Zero Trust security can keep your business safe from bad actors.

Efforts to enhance employee experience have increased more than ever with the focus on remote work and making it easier to collaborate and improve transactions via digital channels while protecting their data.

These changes have brought to light the importance of establishing a cloud security strategy that keeps their collaboration and transactions in the cloud protected from bad actors without limiting their team’s ability to perform their work.

Our Zero Trust Framework Approach

Our Microsoft security services apply the Zero Trust Framework and focus on covering the recommended approach when configuring Identity and Access Management (IAM), Mobile Device Management (MDM), Data Lifecycle Management (DLM), and Compliance based on the business.

The Zero Trust Framework is the model for modern security. It targets core areas of risk across the organization for security experts to focus on protecting. Properly securing these areas with support from baseline configuration settings, orchestration and automation reduces the risk and allows organizations to stay productive and protected, even in an uncertain world.

Centric Consulting - Our Zero Trust Framework Approach

Our Security and Compliance Services

Build a clear path for deploying and optimizing Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools by aligning your technology investments with business objectives. 

Together, we examine your current state and provide a holistic approach to how to best leverage Microsoft as part of your cloud strategy.

Through a series of envisioning workshops, we help identify the actions and considerations you’ll need to have as you plan to expand your footprint in the cloud.

We also review your current Microsoft agreements and provide a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return-Of-Investment (ROI) evaluation to identify potential cost avoidance.

Protect Your Business and Empower Team Collaboration. Our Experts Can Help You.

Microsoft offers a wealth of robust security solutions that help organizations stay protected when properly configured based on their business requirements. A proper understanding and continuous evaluation of these configurations become important to keep up with the threats that are presented every day.

Our recommendations follow a streamlined approach leveraging robust Microsoft security solutions and more than 25 years of combined experience in delivering technology solutions that ensure the sustainability and continuity needed to grow safely.


Human Operated Ransomware Targeting and Rate of Success Model

Microsoft study: Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022

potential target organizations
encounter activity associated with known ransomware attackers
are successfully compromised
falls victim to a successful attack


Adopting Zero-Trust Security for Maximum Protection

In our blog series, we examine the six pillars of Zero-Trust Architecture needed to prevent attacks beyond your organization’s network.

Our Other Microsoft Related Services

Microsoft 365 is the most complete and secure cloud productivity and collaboration solution available on the market.

Our Modern Workplace practice is focused on the implementation, adoption, and extension of Microsoft 365 to create a modern, productive and enjoyable workplace that’s aligned to your business goals.


Protect your business. We help you align business goals and security governance to grow safely.