Everyone is speculating how to navigate what’s next post-COVID-19, but we don’t believe the pandemic brought something completely new—it took changes already underway and made them happen a lot faster.

Many organizations were caught off guard by the speed of the changes. As an organization that has been largely remote for more than 20 years, we have the experience, knowledge and flexibility to help your business navigate what’s next. After all, our consultants work daily in the kinds of technology you need to work effectively in a COVID-19 environment long after the virus itself subsides.

We asked some of our experts to describe some of the many changes already turning the “new normal” into the “now normal.” Over the next few weeks, we’ll publish new stories that can help you maintain resilience and sustainability in the face of COVID-19.

Each post will explore specific issues while touching on broader themes. Our goal is to provide real-world, hands-on things you can do in response to challenges like developing new approaches to leadership, working with different generations of employees, and adapting to a remote-work environment. Thanks for joining us!

The Series

Leadership of the New Remote Workforce. Steve Jenkins and Shannon Stickney discuss the People and Change work needed to prepare managers for this new way of thinking about work.

3 Questions to Ask—and 3 Steps to Take—to Deliver Seamless Customer Service. Niraj Patel explains the tremendous potential to up the ante on customer service through data-based customer personas and technology that enables seamless customer experiences.

New Thinking about Data Analytics and Data Access for a Stronger Digital Future. Employees now need to access massive amounts of data to make the best strategic decisions—safely. Leigh Helsel explores the frontiers of the data sphere to help you navigate what’s next.