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Snowflake Security vs. Data Privacy: Regulating Internal Data Access

Oour Snowflake security and privacy blog series wraps up discussing how you can regulate your internal data and protect the reputation of your business.

Blog Series: Snowflake Security and Data Privacy

More businesses are using the cloud platform Snowflake because it’s fast and easy to use, but they still need to consider data privacy.

Snowflake Roles – Pulling it All Together

Snowflake roles keep data access and privacy policies organized and universal by establishing access on both a data and compute level.

Snowflake Security and Privacy: Establishing Row Access Policies

As we continue our blog series, we walk through how you can use Snowflake row access policies to keep sensitive data protected.

Use-Case-Driven Provider Contracts in a Healthcare Insurance Company

To illustrate how a business use-case-driven investment in analytics can impact a healthcare organization, let’s consider total cost of care.

How to Apply Use-Case-Driven Solutions in a Healthcare Organization

To arrive at a technical solution that actually solves the business needs of a healthcare organization, you need a use-case-driven approach.

Data Governance: How to Succeed and Where to Start Webinar Recap

Our data strategy and governance specialists talk about how data governance can help you create more trustworthy data.

Total Cost of Care: A Key Metric for Your Healthcare Organization

We’ll show you how one key metric, total cost of care, directly supports becoming a data-driven healthcare organization.

Snowflake Security and Data Privacy: Using Snowflake Tags to Boost Privacy and Security

You can use Snowflake tags to boost your data’s security. We explain what object tagging is and how you can use it for data governance.

Data Monetization: Key Takeaways from Centric Chicago’s D&A Community Event

We host a community of interest for leaders in the D&A space. We share some key takeaways from our latest gathering about data montitization.

Snowflake Security and Data Privacy: Granular Access Control with Snowflake’s Advanced Features

Keep data secure by using Snowflake security features and privacy control to determine what any given user can see based on their role.

Data Governance: How to Succeed and Where to Start

Data governance is essential to creating trustworthy, sustainable and repeatable value through data.