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Sentiment Analysis: Way Beyond Polarity

Sentiment analysis is a data analytics process used to improve the customer experience of consumer decision making.

Devising a High-Impact Data Strategy: Achieve a Data-driven Culture Through Increased Business Maturity

In our Data & Analytics white paper, we discuss how you can develop a data strategy that takes your business maturity model to the next level.

Improving Data Management to Stay Ahead of Supply Chain Disruption

Supply chain issues are more complicated than ever, making data management a critical step in business transformation and process improvement.

The COVID Conundrum for Actuaries in Insurance (and How AIML Will Solve It)

Our blog series about actuarial in insurance, we’ll take a high-level look at how AI and ML (AIML) will help solve issues brought on by COVID-19.

Couch Convos: Working Together With People, Process and Technology to Better Your Business

In this episode of Couch Convos, we talk to our experts about the importance of people, process and technology working together for business success.

Moving from Mule 3 to Mule 4: A MuleSoft Migration Story

In this blog, we walk you through migrating from MuleSoft’s Mule 3 to Mule 4 using MuleSoft Migration Assistant (MMA) in a few simple steps.

What is MLOps? Getting Value out of Machine Learning

This post is part of a multi-part blog series to enhance understanding of and challenges involved with developing a mature machine learning environment.

Driving Better Business Decisions Through Data Access in Microsoft Azure

We helped an insurance company make their business-critical data more consumable in Microsoft Azure to drive business decisions.

Couch Convos: Small Data, Big Experiments

In this episode of Couch Convos: Biz and Tech Talks, we sit down with Becky Gandillion to talk about the intricacies of small data.

Machine Learning: 6 Challenges MLOps Can Solve Webinar Recap

Explore how applying Machine Learning Ops (MLOps) keeps you competitive and helps you get your expected value out of AI/ML initiatives at your company.

How Snowflake Architecture Delivers a Modern Data Storage Solution, Part 2

In part one of this two-part series, we described how Snowflake can help you manage modern data-storage problems. Let's dive into the technical details.

Managing Model Drift Through MLOps

We know machine learning models can make your life easier, but what happens when these become less effective over time? We call it model drift.