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Exploring Snowflake Iceberg: A Revolutionary Approach to Data Storage

Snowflake Iceberg enables cost-effective data storage in open formats on cloud platforms. We explain in this blog.

6 Tips to Simplify Tech Jargon for a Better Data and Analytics Strategy

We share pro tips and proven tactics to help you reach a shared understanding — and build a successful data and analytics strategy.

3 Essential AI Tools for Business Every Leader Needs to Know

In this blog we discuss three AI tools for business every leader should familiarize themselves with to embrace their time-saving potential.

Driving Better Business Decisions with Strong Data Architecture and Data Management

We used data architecture and master data management consolidation to help an equipment financing company improve sales.

Machine Learning 101: How to Get Started on Your First ML Project

Machine learning (ML) requires careful thought and planning. Start by analyzing your ML workflow, what you want your project to do and how.

Unifying Data for Better Decision Making at HAI Group

How we helped a property and casualty insurance company create an analytics platform that exceeds customer and employee expectations.

Machine Learning 101: What Are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are hot, but they aren’t the same. Knowing the difference can help you make better decisions.

Combine People, Process and Technology for Better Business Solutions

People, process and technology are all important elements of your organization’s success and combining these elements builds better solutions.

Meet Your Problem Solvers in St. Louis

Meet four of our St. Louis team members. They are experts who can solve your business and technology problems.

Our Top 10 Best Blogs of 2023

We've compiled our top 10 blog posts from the year. Look back at your favorites and get ready for 2024 with Centric.

Meet Your Problem Solvers in Columbus

Meet three of our problem solvers in Columbus. They are prepared to help you tackle whatever business or technology challenge you face.

No One’s Data is Ready for AI – Yet

We explain that while you may think your data is ready for AI use, there are AI readiness risks you want to make sure you address first.