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Blog Series: The Art of AI Adoption

In our blog series about adopting AI into your business strategy, we share three areas to consider when preparing for implemenation.

Applying Change Management to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Our white paper discusses the importance of change management in healthcare, especially when dealing with digital transformation efforts.

Combine People, Process and Technology for Better Business Solutions

People, process and technology are all important elements of your organization’s success and combining these elements builds better solutions.

Meet Your Problem Solvers in St. Louis

Meet four of our St. Louis team members. They are experts who can solve your business and technology problems.

The Art of AI Adoption: Navigating with a Sound AI Vision and Strategy

Businesses need an AI strategy to sort through the noise keep from jumping in too fast to avoid a ripple effect they can’t predict.

Meet Your Problem Solvers in Columbus

Meet three of our problem solvers in Columbus. They are prepared to help you tackle whatever business or technology challenge you face.

Lessons From the Pandemic: Change Enablement

How change leaders helped their organizations use disruption during the pandemic to drive a sense of urgency for easier change enablement.

Meet Your Problem Solvers in Indianapolis

Our team of problem solvers in Indianapolis offers tailored solutions to overcome business and technology challenges.

Organizational Change Management: The Secret to Data Governance Success

We explain how to achieve data goverenance success with organizational change management to drive related mindsets and behaviors.

Top 10 Change Management Best Practices to Power Your Citizen Development Initiatives

A solid change management plan can help citizen developers succeed and ensure a solid foundation to build on their success.

The Science and Art of Building Organizational Change Management Capability

Companies recognize an OCM capability as a critical component to reach desired business results and achieve long-term competitive advantage.

Change Management for Citizen Development: A Checklist

We created a downloadable checklist to help you keep track of change management best practices when rolling out your citizen development program.