COVID-19 Consulting Services

Given the coronavirus pandemic, it has never been more critical to provide flexible work locations with minimal dedicated office space, which protects employees while continuing to serve client needs.

As a company that was founded on a virtual model, we have been operating in a flexible work environment for over 20 years and our remote workforce has the tools, techniques and discipline to help you make the transformation to this new way of working.

Whether you want to increase business resiliency or need help shifting your organization to a work-from-home setting, our consultants are experienced and ready to collaborate, communicate and work from anywhere to meet your business needs.

Our delivery model gives us the flexibility to work at a client site, remotely in the U.S., remotely in India or a combination of these. And, we are prepared to respond to any protocols your organization puts in place.

Some of our services include helping organizations collaborate better using digital tools. For example, our Modern Workplace practice has skilled experts in setting up, deploying and helping manage Microsoft Teams, a communication and collaboration platform that serves as a teamwork hub for a remote workforce. Our People & Change practice can guide organizations through all of this change and drive adoption of new tools.

Learn more about our COVID-19 consulting services and how we can work together. Together we will get through this.


Business Continuity Services

During a crisis our business continuity services ensure that your disaster recovery plans are prepared with a focus on the process and people involved.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

We can work with you on your business continuity planning to create a system of prevention and recovery from potential threats. BCP ensures that personnel and assets are protected and can function quickly in the event of a disaster. We will define a test of your plan, then design and implement a BCP simulation.

BCP: Disaster Recovery 

We will help you assess your current disaster recovery risks and address those risks by designing and implementing a remediation plan. Our experts are trained to implement cloud-based disaster recovery solutions. 

Strategic Planning and Support

Our teams provide operations support through virtual strategic planning and planning workshops.

CIO Senior Resource Support Services 

We provide executive-level talent to support current IT and organization leadership. Our team of former CIOs with their extensive IT skills can take on urgent assignments or assist with setting IT strategy and developing IT roadmaps.

Change isn’t easy. We can help keep your business moving.

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Culture and Communications Services


Emergency Communications Framework: Development & Deployment

In a crisis, we structure a comprehensive approach for all internal and external communications. Our teams can execute efficient support through content writing, coordinating, scheduling and being a media liaison for external communications. We will create thoughtful talking points for your leadership and customer support staff to ensure a cohesive message during an emergency.

Remote Workforce Adoption & Change Management

Our team is prepared with change management tools and tactics to manage your remote workforce effectively. We will help leaders during challenging times, providing coaching on messaging, change tactics, cultural considerations and continuity for virtual workplaces. It’s essential to implement a feedback loop to assist leadership and efficiently shift priorities during change. We will partner with technology offerings to ensure an easy transition to new collaborative platforms.

Salesforce Emergency Message Distribution Approach & Deployment 

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud can be used for effective communications to employees, customers and prospects in times of crisis with a high degree of automation and traceability. We can deploy and configure Marketing Cloud, write copy, build messages, develop templates and journeys and associated reporting. Our teams can integrate data and segment new audiences and contacts for employee, vendor and partner lists. 

Salesforce Quip Enablement 

Kick-off with a quick start deployment of Quip for Salesforce customers and non-profits. Quip is a collaborative productivity software suite for mobile and web that runs inside your Salesforce environment. It has shared document and spreadsheet capabilities, an integrated group chat and moreOur Salesforce experts can deploy Quip and assist with the development of use cases in support of the tool. 

Help to Rapidly Shift to Remote Work

As the world shifts to remote work out of necessity, we’re grateful that we had recently moved to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to provide employees remote access to our network from anywhere. Thanks to Centric Consulting, we were able to implement the solution in less than three weeks and have been able to add hundreds of users over the course of just a couple of weeks.

Russ Dixon, Senior Vice President, Operations, Corridor

Our Microsoft Teams related services can ensure minimal business disruption to your organization in response to your permanent remote or hybrid work model. It is critical to provide flexible work locations and tools so your team can safely continue serving customer needs. Learn more about all of our COVID-19 services here.

Office 365 Feature Deployment

If you’re already using part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, we can help you implement and optimize the features you’re already licensed for but not currently using. Our experts will define requirements, configure and deploy additional features and workloads within Office 365.

We can help you take full advantage of your investment in Office 365 by facilitating the adoption of new features through immersion events, change management and training. 

Teams Mobile Device Enablement

Our Microsoft Teams experts provide a recommended approach for securely enabling the Teams application on employee mobile devices.

We ensure a proper approach to authentication and authorization while considering existing mobile device management policies.

Teams Training

We can conduct user-focused Microsoft Teams training that allows for rapid utilization and adoption of the tool. We provide “train the trainer” services as well as workshop-based remote training to internal groups.

Admins receive training to ensure proper governance, security, best practices and adoption of Teams.

Teams Rapid Deployment

We can efficiently deploy Microsoft Teams in your organization in three weeks. Ensuring a secure platform and focusing on communication and collaboration for remote, home or in-office use.

Teams Support Services

We deliver support for clients using Microsoft Teams, from Tier 1 (end-user) to Tier 2 (technical user). Get all of your basic questions answered on how to use Teams properly, be coached on best practices, and have features fully explained.

Our experts provide technical support for back-end administrators, address compliance issues, handle system administration, and address IT questions on Teams tenant monitoring and management.

Office 365 Analytics & Teams Monitoring

Once you are up and running with Teams, you’ll want to monitor employee activity to ensure proper usage, compliance, collaboration, and system performance.

Our experts apply existing Teams analytics to determine the effective use and adoption of collaboration tools and offer advice on third-party tools that enhance Office 365 monitoring capabilities. We deliver guidance and reporting on effective collaboration.

Teams Managed Services Support

Our experts provide Microsoft Teams administration, reporting, technical support, request and issue management.

Managed Services Support is offered through direct contact to a Teams analyst via Teams-based audio attendant and call queue functionality, as well as through our designated support staff through email and ticket submission tools.

We will take care of escalating any issues to Microsoft. Our team will communicate status, reporting and outages to you with a client-facing dashboard. We will provide your leadership with quarterly reporting and road mapping. Multiple pricing plans are available.

Your guide to navigate what’s next.

Our digital-first vision, Business Anywhere, provides a blueprint for building more resilient organizations. When businesses are fully enabled digitally across all channels and mediums, customers, vendors and suppliers enjoy seamless, online interactions. Employees can work anywhere, anytime. And talent is wherever you can find it–as long as you have tools to tap it, the policies to channel it, and the culture to enable it.

Productivity and Enablement Solutions


Offshore Emergency Capacity

We provide a delivery model that is built to withstand crisis with around the clock support through our offshore resources. Our Indian facility was designed for remote work by our team from its inception. Work at home restrictions currently in place in India does not affect our operations. Network, hardware, and collaboration tools are in place. Our team is very comfortable and efficient working in this manner.

Azure or AWS Remote Desktop Deployment

We provide Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Workspace implementation support. Both are desktop as a service (DaaS) offerings that create a desktop application experience from a web browser. Mobile or newly remote work at home staff can easily access from anywhere with in-office desktop configuration while at the same time removing device dependencies. These solutions are secure, scalable and cost-effective and quick to implement.

Network Speed Optimization

We offer multiple solutions for optimizing your network speed. We can review your network performance and ensure it performs better or move your workload into the cloud. Moving to the cloud would mean using public network circuits as opposed to private thereby reducing the load on under-performing networks.

Rapid Remote Application Access

We can help to quickly provide access to business functionality for remote workers. Various options exist including migrating applications to the cloud, establishing secure VPN networks or creating virtual desktops via Azure or AWS virtual workspaces.

Our Delivery Model

We provide ready-to-go development teams thereby carving out workload from your portfolio. We’re here to make you look better and work as part of your team. Our firm can deliver high-quality flexible work at a pace and cost that fits your needs.

Critical Business Metrics Enablement 

We can quickly enable remote access to critical business data using modern cloud-based mechanisms and various analytic tools. We are able to extract data from enterprise systems, store in a cloud-based data lake, and provide reporting and visualizations using tools like Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI.

Remote Team Agile Coaching

Our Agile coaches can advise your team on how to better operate in a virtual work-from-home world. We can quickly enable your remote team to work effectively in tools like Jira that enable remote work. We’ll provide guidance on doing Agile when everyone is not in the same office.

Offshore Emergency BPO

Our offshore teams can help you with most processes that can be documented and completed remotely. Examples include help desk functionality, accounts receivable follow-up and collection, various data entry tasks, and recruiting including sourcing and scheduling interviews. Located in India, our teams are remote work enabled and are not affected by virus stay at home orders in India.

Navigate What’s Next With Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Oracle, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support 

Do you have questions about strategy, functionality, features that support remote workforces or even problems or bugs with your current deployments?

Our desire is to lend a hand as our work patterns and locations shift, so we can offer guidance and answer all your burning questions.

Remote Work Force Enablement for ERP Systems

You need to quickly enable your existing systems to take advantage of cloud hosting, remote access, robotic process automation (RPA), ecommerce and payment enablement.

We can provide a no-cost assessment based on Oracle, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Remote Workflow Enablement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and NetSuite ERP

Need to design and deploy workflows and approval queues compatible with your dispersed workforces — fast?

Our team can revise your processes around approvals, quotes, invoices, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, signatures and other manual controls that have been previously implemented.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Coordination and Automation of Emergency Response

You need solutions that are built to deal with current and future crisis environments.

We are plugged into the vast suite of applications built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, so we can identify low-cost answers to your organization’s needs.

Industry Solutions



VR For Front Line Healthcare Providers

Using our affordable virtual reality packaged solution, we can ease the burden and alleviate stress for front line hospital providers or first responders.

Telemedicine Roll Out

Using Microsoft Teams, we can implement a VirtualHealth telemedicine platform for providers in the healthcare industry.

History of Successful Microsoft Deployments

“Working with the Centric team has been a very rewarding experience. Centric’s approach resonated with us – the team demonstrated thought leadership, a commitment to their Microsoft Partnership, and a history of successful Microsoft 365 deployments. We were not only satisfied with the end-solution they delivered, but equally impressed with the support and organizational change management they provided throughout the Modern Workplace transformation effort.”

Mark Macioce, Vice President of Information Technology, OMNOVA

Marketing & Communication Services

Marketing Strategic Planning

In close alignment with your overall strategic plan, we will create strategic marketing and communication plans that align with business objectives across operating groups. This may include a brand assessment to identify gaps in brand messaging and design. We also offer internal and external communication plans, a work plan to serve as a road map for execution, and brand guidelines. 

Content Planning and Creation

We can help you create a content strategy and support execution with copywriting and design services. Writing services include creation of blogs, white papers, sales sheets and social messaging. Graphic design services for marketing collateral including print, web and sales presentations.

Crisis Campaign Journey Development and Construction

In collaboration with our Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketo service offering experts, we will develop a Crisis Campaign Journey. Includes copywriting, design, test and implementation support. 

Webinar Planning, Development and Execution

Let us help you take your typically in-person events and create engaging and interactive webinars. We will help you ideate, manage, promote and execute webinars on relevant topics. 

We’d love to cover all of your questions or concerns one-on-one.