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Blog Series: Achieving Customer Understanding and Empathy

Our customer understanding and empathy series walks you through the strategies and tools you need to successfully reach your customers.

BPM and RPA: 3 Things Software Vendors Won’t Tell You Webinar Recap

In our recent webinar, our enterprise automation experts talked about how combining RPA and BPM software engines can help your organization.

Customer-Centricity: Evaluate Your Perception vs. Their Reality Webinar Recap

In our on-demand webinar, we discuss the importance of closing the gap between perceived customer needs and the reality of what they want.

Application Modernization: Be Ready When Shift Happens Webinar Recap

In our on-demand webinar, our Modern Software Delivery experts discuss the rapid innovation and disruption businesses face with technology delivery.

Centric Consulting Day of Silence

May 16, 2022, DAYTON, OH -- The events this past weekend in Buffalo – the incomprehensible, racially motivated ambush and murder of 10 store patrons on a Saturday afternoon – and the emerging details from a mass shooting at a

Salesforce Success: The What, Why and How of a Center of Excellence Webinar Recap

In our on-demand webinar, our experts discuss how a COE can help Salesforce users benefit by establishing effective governance practices.

Innovation, Collaboration, Automation: Meet the Centric Virtual Assistant

We described how we enable disciplined innovation at Centric. Now, we’ll share how that process led to a new product, the Centric Virtual Assistant (CVA).

Citizen Development: How Formal Design Processes Drive App Adoption Webinar Recap

In our on-demand webinar, we discuss ensuring citizen developer success and product adoption by leveraging best practices in user experience and design.

Amp Up Microsoft Teams: Use Integrations to Boost Performance Webinar Recap

In our on-demand webinar we explain how to use Teams as a true digital work hub to increase your Office 365 ROI and transform your business.

A Comprehensive Guide to Using Microsoft Teams as a Digital Work Hub

Microsoft Teams has evolved into a digital hub for the workplace – integrating numerous information sources in an easy-to-use collaboration tool.

Let’s Do Business Anywhere: A Podcast Collection

In our business anywhere collection of podcasts, we talk to our experts about everything from the technology you need to build community in a virtual space.

The Basics and Beyond of Citizen Development: A Podcast Collection

In our citizen development collection of podcasts, we talk with our experts about the ins and outs of the citizen developer movement.