Microsoft Teams Meeting Settings

Protect the Privacy of Your Microsoft Teams Meetings

About the Author
Michael McNett

Michael McNett is our National Modern Workplace Co-Lead. He focuses on helping organizations become more productive and gaining a competitive edge by improving their teamwork and collaboration capabilities. By taking a business and people-first approach, Mike partners with clients to guide them through steps that will help them increase their employee engagement and return on investment.

Mike has nearly 30 years of experience in building and leading teams and organizations while an Officer in the United States Army (1983-2012) where he served in a variety of leadership and technical positions including being the Director of the Continental United States Theater Network and Operations Security Center and the Chief Information Officer of both the National Defense University and the United States Military Academy. Since 2012, Mike has been a senior IT consultant in the Columbus, Ohio area, advising clients on how they can improve their collaboration and communication capabilities by ensuring their projects are well-governed and aligned to their business goals and objectives.


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