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Michael McNett

Michael McNett is our National Modern Workplace Co-Lead. He focuses on helping organizations become more productive and gaining a competitive edge by improving their teamwork and collaboration capabilities. By taking a business and people-first approach, Mike partners with clients to guide them through steps that will help them increase their employee engagement and return on investment.

Mike has nearly 30 years of experience in building and leading teams and organizations while an Officer in the United States Army (1983-2012) where he served in a variety of leadership and technical positions including being the Director of the Continental United States Theater Network and Operations Security Center and the Chief Information Officer of both the National Defense University and the United States Military Academy. Since 2012, Mike has been a senior IT consultant in the Columbus, Ohio area, advising clients on how they can improve their collaboration and communication capabilities by ensuring their projects are well-governed and aligned to their business goals and objectives.

Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers: Innovate Your Manufacturing Processes

As we continue to refine manufacturing processes, using Microsoft Teams allows us to reimagine the efficiencies of the frontline worker.

Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers: Putting Collaboration on the Line

Frontline workers often feel disconnected from the company. Here's how you can use Microsoft Teams as a hub to join your entire business.

Bringing Microsoft Teams Solutions Together for a Comprehensive Solution

We continue our Teams as a Platform blog series by looking at how to effectively integrate and use Power Platform within Microsoft Teams.

Leveraging the Power Platform in Microsoft Teams

We continue our Teams as a Platform blog series by looking at how to effectively integrate and use Power Platform within Microsoft Teams.

Adding Microsoft Viva to Your Digital Work Hub for Improved Knowledge Management

As we continue our blog series about using Microsoft Teams as a platform, we discuss how Microsoft Viva can help you with a knowledge management solution.

Using Microsoft Teams as a Platform

As we kick off this blog series about using Microsoft Teams as a Platform, we walk through ways you can make Teams your all-in-one digital workspace.

Microsoft Teams Integrations: How to Establish Teams as a Platform, Part 1

Microsoft Teams as a platform is more than a tool for enabling remote work. It can also be your become your organization’s platform for collaboration.

Skype to Teams – Making the Inevitable Journey

While it’s still a few months away, the end of Skype for Business is upon us. We walk you through what you need to consider as you move from Skype to Teams.

Protect the Privacy of Your Microsoft Teams Meetings

With the continued increase of Microsoft Teams to conduct a virtual meetings, the need to protect your privacy from intruders is also on the rise.

A Day in the Life of Two Remote Workers: Mary and Microsoft Teams

It’s no surprise delivering feedback in a virtual environment poses its challenges, but there are ways you can connect with employees and provide feedback.

6 Steps to Quickly Get Started with Microsoft Teams

Need to quickly get started with Microsoft Teams in response to COVID-19? Here’s a six-step process that keeps it as simple as possible. 

Coronavirus and Government Agencies: How Microsoft Teams Meets Teleworking Needs

Microsoft Teams can help government agencies enhance teleworking capabilities and decrease technical issues, while meeting security and compliance needs.