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Microsoft Teams Integrations: How to Establish Teams as a Platform, Part 1

Microsoft Teams as a platform is more than a tool for enabling remote work. It can also be your become your organization’s platform for collaboration.

Skype to Teams – Making the Inevitable Journey

While it’s still a few months away, the end of Skype for Business is upon us. We walk you through what you need to consider as you move from Skype to Teams.

Protect the Privacy of Your Microsoft Teams Meetings

With the continued increase of Microsoft Teams to conduct a virtual meetings, the need to protect your privacy from intruders is also on the rise.

A Day in the Life of Two Remote Workers: Mary and Microsoft Teams

It’s no surprise delivering feedback in a virtual environment poses its challenges, but there are ways you can connect with employees and provide feedback.

6 Steps to Quickly Get Started with Microsoft Teams

Need to quickly get started with Microsoft Teams in response to COVID-19? Here’s a six-step process that keeps it as simple as possible. 

Coronavirus and Government Agencies: How Microsoft Teams Meets Teleworking Needs

Microsoft Teams can help government agencies enhance teleworking capabilities and decrease technical issues, while meeting security and compliance needs.

Coronavirus and Remote Work: How Microsoft Teams Can Keep Your Business Running

Are you trying to figure out how to run your business virtually in response to the novel coronavirus? Learn the benefits of using Microsoft Teams.

A Broader View of Microsoft Teams Private Channels

Private Channels is a new feature making waves in the world of Microsoft Teams. Here are a few pros and cons to consider before implementing the tool.

Microsoft Teams: Adoption, Governance, Skype for Business & More

Get answers to some of your most common questions about Microsoft Teams. Or send us your question and we'll add the response here.

Interview with Michael McNett on Change Management and Office 365 Deployment

We interview Michael McNett on the Prosci Change Management Certification Program and how he can apply what he learned to Office 365 deployments.